Broken heart chrysanthemum, very touching story

I do not know who their parents are.  Dean said, I am a big hug when the two months from the doorway, and I was dying with cold, who does not even have a word or two, which I cut off the idea of looking for birth parents.  I do not want to go looking for.  Or, I’m just a woman having an affair product.In this materialistic metropolis, I’m such a child should be a lot, but they do more hard-hearted, so take me to the orphanage.  From then on, I would be a lonely child.Most of the time, I looked at the sky, looking for worms in the ground in spring.At that time, I was only seven years old.  I do not know, seven years old, it was a turning point in my life.Later, I books fortune teller, she said above, the women, there will be every seven variables, while the men, then there is every eight variables.For example, I was fourteen years old to vacation leave, twenty-one had an accident, twenty-eight, I married a man.  Seven years old, president of the orphanage we received a group of children in front of a bunch of people, they are to adopt children, mostly couples, who for various reasons do not want to fertility or infertility.  He is only a man come.  That year, he was thirty-six years old.  I was seven years old, and thirty-six of his first encounter.He saw me, his eyes flashed a light, he was waving at me, saying, Come, let uncle to see.  I saw a pair of middle-aged men and women around the age of forty, a woman of the Gaudy, hand rhubarb five golden rings, I still remember that she is vulgar abuse ring.  The woman screamed that she was her, I want her!You see she looks more beautiful, like a little angel, you see how long her legs, I want her to learn dance.  Her scream made me sit and watch her, as if I were a small animal, anyone can walk away with.Dean said, you choose it, Yan off.  I chose to Lin Zhi.  Lin Zhi, his name is so vivid, not to mention he is a man.He said Yan off, go home with uncle, okay?  He was holding me on the bike, I was just seven years old.Seven, not sit behind their bicycles.  That he has been singing, I could not hear what he was singing, and later he used to sing, I knew he was singing the former Soviet song “Moscow Nights”, he likes the song, sung when the total is very committed, of course, the main reason is the single sub like this song.  Asia is the single forest planting university sweetheart.Later, single-Asia went to Germany, married a German, before a single sub abroad had been pregnant a child, then she had an abortion, is a girl.Lin Zhi said he often dreamed of the girl came to him in a dream and asked him why he killed her.  Dream entangled him for many years, Lin Zhi said that fate, he should have a daughter, so he came to the orphanage.  In fact, he can love again, but he said that human life can only love once, with a single sub-love, my heart is broken, so love is not up.  This is after I grew up and he said to me, he often used the word heartbreak, as he loves to raise chrysanthemums, there is a purple chrysanthemum, a pot and a pot of crazy long, Lin Zhi called them – broken heart chrysanthemum.  And I’m planting, so they began life in general such as chrysanthemum.  We as two chrysanthemum, cold and proud nature, but the warmth of each other.He said I was an angel, and I like listening to him lean on those fairy tale beautiful and heartbreaking in his lap.  Go to school, he took me every day, sitting in the back of a bike, I said things in fun school, he listened patiently.He always dressed so nice and clean,.I like to smell him a touch of mint flavor, he took my little feet always said the little girl, so dirty can be bad.  I’m picky eaters, do not like to eat meat.He scare me: little girl, if you do not eat meat will not grow tall, the future is to marry the!I do not want to raise a spinster.  That year, I was ten, a rash, he was carrying me to the hospital at midnight.Rain fell in torrents, no taxis, running while he coaxed me, Yan drop, hold, immediately to the.  I’ve been burned confused, except to complain of pain, my body is hurt, he is distressed.To the hospital, the doctor said, you see this dad is so moving, the child’s mother do?  We hugged and cried.  Fourteen years old, I was a grown up girl.That day, I felt something hot body had rushed down, look at the sheets, red one piece.  I know I’m grown up, have class girls tell me how to deal with, but I still panicked.  Hear me scream, forest planting, he rushed out of the room.See my appearance, he turned and went to the living room, and then come up with “Whisper,” the sanitary napkin, he said, he asked female colleagues to buy, buy a good long time.  Then he turned away, I blush to a.From that day on, I knew I was a girl completely, and then I have one meter tall sixty-five.  Twelve years ago, I have been sleeping together and Lin Zhi.Middle of the night, I always kicked the quilt, he again and again as I tucked.Twelfth birthday that day, he solemnly talk to me, since I am a person to sleep, because I was a big girl, big girl and can not sleep with the uncle.  In fact, since that day twelve years old, he was ready for me, those “Whisper” has been there, but I do not know.  My birthday is his birthday, he deliberately chose the same day our birthday, because I do not know what month which was born.That day, we bought a cake, make longevity noodles together, I love him hand roll, delicious beauty.So, even in high school, I still did not choose to live on campus.  Some things I forgot to mention: Lin Zhi, he graduated from Tsinghua University, Tsinghua wit of that year, he was tall and handsome, although already in his forties, but he still looks so people obsessed.Many twenties girls like him, those girls to buy clothes to him, knitting a sweater for him, of course, but also to write a love letter to him.He always smiled and said, Yan down, you say uncle is not very attractive?I can not harm home is not?They are still a child, or whether we had it good father and daughter.  Eighteen years old, I went to college, he chose Tsinghua me.He said that Tsinghua is a beautiful and elegant place, ideal for you.  He personally sent me to Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Park in front, he stared for a long time.  I know, maybe, where he had left too many memories.  Asia alone is the year of the North talented woman, he and she, be a pair of perfect match.We went to the North, at the Red House, the Weiming Lake, between those in the jungle, he suddenly said, it is eighteen years old, the same age as you, I met her.  His face flashed out of people’s shiny, it is because a memorable love and some shiny, that time, he was forty seven years old.He gazed at the sun went down, said his uncle would back down, and you just raised.  My eyes some sour.He gave me a bracelet, said to be passed to his parents, his parents were studying in Dr. French; While this bracelet, with a lot of old people’s breath.  I hope you have a wonderful love.Lin Zhi is my blessing.  Per month, I was removed four hours by car back to Tianjin.In Tianjin, in the old house, there are people concerned about me.  My footsteps entered the corridor, the door will be opened, and I saw him appear in the doorway, his face smile, but his mouth rebuke that homework so tight, how is back?  On the table, but the pendulum is my favorite: Erduoyan fried cake, as well as cannabis.  Sometimes, he may be asleep, and did not come to the door.I opened the door and saw him lying on the chair, the TV on, playing the mess advertising, radio plays, but also advertising, but his eyes closed.  He really old.  But those purple daisy still young, so publicity to open.Those basin is really good, he is careful to pick one to come, Yixing pots, like ancient pottery.  We dumplings.He asked me, there is no boy chase?  I’m eating the sugar plum his mouth, they?I despise.Either too high or too low, not too fat or too thin, because it is not appropriate.  Conditions are too high will marry, he said.  Is not high, I looked at him, and then you almost on the line.  We all Dailiaoyixia, he said, silly girl, I’m an old man how would your standard?We will be silent, he was talking about a sketch of the piece until the dumplings, only solution to this embarrassing.  He is still so clean, clothes always have good taste and design institutes, there are a lot of divorced women want to marry him, he showed me their photos, I laughed and said, if your nanny is also similar.  Those women, how he can be worthy Rendanruju?  Twenty-one, my life appeared a man.  He also has a clean look, I occasionally go to Peking University lectures encountered, we pass in the corridor, he knocked my books, stand up when I saw him.  His eyes how a young man like Lin Zhi.  We started dating, and the Summer Palace to the Fragrant Hills.But he was really young, young to talk to me always far-fetched, for example, to go after the United Kingdom, or how how the future, his eyes full of arrogance, which is planted with forest completely different place, always implicitly Lin Zhi and restrained.  We parted, Lin Zhi said that more than a good boy.  I say, not as good as hello.  We also silence.  Junior, my summer vacation home, but the door to see a pair of women’s slippers.  The door, I saw her, a middle-aged woman and Design Institute, the charm of surviving.She cried to please my name, I coldly back to cry, and then into his house.  Lin Zhi come in, you’re too rude.  I’m wearing headphones, listening to Jay – “Qi Li Xiang”, sang elegant, my tears are streaming down, he did not understand my heart, he did not know why I do not like the other boys.  That night, I went out, got drunk.  About a classmate in high school, everyone in the bar drinking until drunk, I do not let them send a man running down the street, until a taxi drove up, and I meet her.  I seem to be intentional.  Car accident almost to my life.  My collarbone is broken, you can not move around.  He began to hold me, but this time he always cried, so fat so heavy so big, can hold uncle does not move you.  Between good and we.  Since his accident, he was in no mood to go and the woman exchanges, and soon, they cut off contact, he said, nonsense.  I like this nonsense continues, our world, no longer appear to others.  I know his heart, so, so count on him.  In my mind, he is not old, he or I When you first view the dancing man, wearing a beige shirt, riding a white car, took me across the street to go home full of Huaihua.  That year, I was twenty-one, he was five years old.  Six months later, my points back to Tianjin, but also spend a day with him day and night.  We open each other’s jokes, I call him old elf, he called me kid actor.  We travel together, laughing all the way to go all the way, it was said, to see people more than happy father and daughter.  It was also, I suspect what is his, the suspect always let his face falls, and I was happy happy, I often when the camera together and according to him, he always come up with the style of the elderly.  Once here, a single sub came back, I see that your daughter?He nodded.  Asia alone will not look at me, I do blame her hostile, she divorced and want to dream, that ends it, she was so young and beautiful, but I know that she will not have the heart of the forest plant.  A few days later, we went to the airport to see her, she wept and said three words, I’m sorry.  Lin Zhi shook his head, no, I never regretted.  That is the right Lin Zhi.His character purple daisy-like basin, open to open, not open, it lost out.  Twenty-five, I’ll lose him.  He had esophageal cancer, swallow anything.Getting thinner and thinner, and finally, only a thin to the bone, pleasant or as handsome, his eyes still people obsessed.  He asked me, after death, he sprinkled in chrysanthemum.He smiled: In that case, chrysanthemums will open more brilliant.  I shed tears, he said, silly girl, died is to be born, and then be born if the next life, I chose three decades Early.  My tears fall as hastily, fifty-four, he would leave me.  His ashes scattered in the basin of my most brilliant chrysanthemum bloom in September, the basin was he called broken heart purple daisy chrysanthemum in full bloom, he is smiling in heaven do?  Wipe that I like, like pottery pots, only to find that the above is the original poem.  Only a short period of four: Jun with me not there, I was born old.Hate not born at the same time, a good day and the king.  At that moment, the moment is my breaking heart.  Finally understand why it’s called broken heart chrysanthemum, and finally understand why he said to me, born three decades earlier.  And I, if there is an afterlife, I will wait for him in the broken heart Ju, the Younger three decades, or, with the same students dead.  Twenty-eight, I married Fan Yi, and he said I’m planting the story and I said, do not laugh at me now.He gently hold me, my dear, you know, there is a love, love is the soul and the soul, has nothing to do with the secular, the kind of love, perhaps a thousand years before the first encounter.  I was in his arms, gently weep.  Eileen Chang is right, because she knows, so compassionate.  Between me and planted forests, in this life, because of compassion, so know.