See also the dividend policy of multi-level old-age security system one step closer

■ reporter observed ■ reporter Zhang Limin innovation pension policy areas, become one of the ways to solve the pension problem of exploration in recent years, which is the Shanghai Municipal Government recently issued a "carrying out the opinions of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government Office" (hereinafter " significance of opinions ") where。
It is reported that Shanghai will start as soon as the individual tax-deferred pension insurance business (hereinafter referred to as "tax extension Annuity") innovative pilot, Shanghai pilot program to develop and implement rules, which for the development of commercial pension insurance would be greatly beneficial supplement。 China is aging more serious social problems in recent years, the layout addressed as soon as possible, it has become the consensus of all walks of life。 Popular social basic pension insurance that is said pension is the only way to deal with aging fast arrival, because it can guarantee the basic living needs of the elderly, to provide a stable and reliable source of income。 But despite the pension coverage of the population has been more extensive, but still a considerable part of the population were not included among the crowd even including, pension income after retirement can provide will decline, therefore, have a commercial pension insurance as a supplement for the healthy growth of the pension industry has played a supporting role indispensable enough to cope with an aging。
But there is one fact should be noted that the status quo of commercial pension insurance did not expect such as Volkswagen, the former vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Wong Hung had told the media that, for now, the overall development of China's pension insurance business has maintained sustained and steady development trend, but the total point of view, the scale is still small。
Compared with other countries in the world, there is a big gap。 According to the official website of the original data, as of January 2018, there are currently 86 persons, most of the products or to finance the main type of pension savings class insurance, pension insurance, the development of China is not yet mature。
Thus, in our country last year issued "Opinions on Accelerating the development of commercial pension insurance" proposed that by 2020, China has basically established a safe and sound operations, products varied shapes, wider services, strong expertise, continued modest profit, Business integrity standard commercial pension insurance system。 To achieve the goal, "Opinions on Accelerating the development of commercial pension insurance" shows that China should play a better role in promoting government guidance and to give the necessary development of commercial pension insurance policy support to create a favorable policy environment, business innovation and pension services。
This also allows been ten years proposed extension of tax pension insurance really started to break the ice。
The so-called tax extension pension insurance, namely the insured before tax premiums, wait until the future to receive insurance money and then pay a commercial pension insurance personal income tax。 In fact, the extension of tax pension insurance has been progress in the country during the two sessions will be reflected。
First, former vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chen said that at present, the extension of tax pension insurance pilot program has been through the relevant departments of China Insurance Regulatory Commission is actively preparing for, will soon launch; another is Wong Hung said that the extension of tax pension insurance pilot program has been obtained by the State Council, the specific implementation Measures walking down the process; after Vice Finance Minister Shi Yaobin said the Treasury would be timely introduction of commercial pension insurance tax deduction policy。
But until the introduction of "opinions", it should be said that the development of pension insurance is tax extension make substantial progress。
It is understood that Shanghai according to the "market-oriented, government guidance, encourage innovation, optimization services, risk management and control, strengthen supervision" principle, promote innovation and development of commercial pension insurance。 While promoting individual pilot pension insurance business innovations, including the extension of pilot pension insurance and other taxes。 In this regard, the view that, at present, pension insurance tax delay the launch, to be linked with the personal income tax reform, the current time is ripe, the government work report this year will be tax reform into the work plan this year。 Some in the industry believe that, from the national level, the implementation of the extension of tax pension insurance, will play an active role to make up for the pension funding gap and help our country to deal with the aging population trend, will help establish and improve multi-level old-age security system, achieve a supplement to the first pillar, the second pillar and occupational pension business, thereby increasing the replacement rate。
Why choose Shanghai as the pilot for the city, deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center of Financial Research Institute of Insurance Zhu Junsheng media interpretation or doubts, he said, Shanghai is relatively developed, the degree of aging of the population is relatively high, or want to advance part of the reason the pilot。
On the whole, the extension of tax pension insurance pilot to accelerate, will effectively promote the development of commercial pension insurance, and the gradual improvement of commercial pension insurance is to increase the pension assets, improve the structural imbalance existing pension system to ease the pressure for sustainable basic old-age insurance as well as the development of enterprise annuity to make up for the lack of effective remedy, and has an irreplaceable significance for the build multi-level old-age security system。 Therefore, the "opinions" issued the right time。