Bamboo leaves fragrance article

Part One: fragrance of bamboo leaves from work to walk in the warm evening breeze, the air smelled the fragrance of bamboo leaves, blowing, ears like the old nursery rhyme.With thoughts of May, into the memory of a green home, recalling the Dragon Boat Festival lively busy village picture.  In my childhood memories, every household rice dumplings, common reed leaves and bamboo leaves.Zongye package out of the dumplings thick, giving a simple feeling; dumplings angular reed leaves the distinct, small.I especially like the dumplings in bamboo leaves package.At that time rarely seen on the market to sell bamboo leaves, a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, people began preparing the Zongye.Zongye needed to be picking yourself collecting, this is a very tricky thing.But as long as willing to use their brains, usually pay attention to look for bamboo leaves tree in the bush, secretly in mind.To pick a suitable time, get up early, leaving for the mountains basket.When drilling shrub, growing towards the best that several strains of bamboo leaves tree and ran, someone can always first come, pick the best leaves almost bare, but there are also spared.As long as patient selection, stacked sheets placed neatly in the basket, can satisfactorily to take home.Picking home bamboo leaves or dry, or boiling water or steaming in the pot.Before rice dumplings, the bamboo leaves soak in warm water, then the white undercoat layer should Zongye brushing off.Rice dumplings of glutinous rice as early as ready, soak in a large bowl.In a time of urgent eyes, slowly puffing white rice.My hand secretly inserted into the small bowl, stir the capsules pearls, joy in my heart.  Dragon Boat Festival put bright dawn, a touch of morning fog has not yet dispersed, my mother got up with a colander fishing began to pack rice dumplings.I was awakened by the sound of rushing water sleep, Yi Gulu went to the yard, to help his mother take of straw bulging dumplings.I learn rice dumplings, the total package is not got no good-looking, strong.Then just started to go it alone, his family was a little more comfortable.Mom To make the dumplings have different tastes, plus dumplings thing peanut, jujube, green beans and the like.And so after a good package dumplings, good support in the yard stove, put the dumplings in the pot placed neatly brought many egg wash well, put the dumplings around and scoop full of water, ignite firewood to cook.Flames licking the bottom of the pot, like me, eager mood burning.I secretly lifted the lid and boil to see again and again with no.Mom told me not worry, boil to simmer slowly cook for a few hours, or rice will be cooked.And so on up the pot boiling, thick aroma to diffuse around me, spread to the yard, blown out of the alley.This time, his father marching morning dew returned from the fields, holding a number of mugwort pulled from the gutter to the ridge on both sides inserted under the door, eaves, placed in front of the window, in the warm summer mugwort swaying, exudes a pleasant fragrance smell.Mugwort fragrance of bamboo leaves and thick aroma together, filled the yard.  The sun slowly rising, thick dumplings Hong threw herself into the nasal cavity, the heart Qinru.The morning mist, the elegant neighborhood a rich fragrant dumplings, fused together in the cuckoo’s call, the diffusion of the streets filled with the breath of the Dragon Boat Festival.Stew for a pot of dumplings, sweltering remaining, with a rich fragrance of bamboo leaves.That bamboo leaves fragrance ah, my mother began giving hope to children, wafting a happy time of my childhood, wafting the harvests of hope, smell the Dragon Boat Festival poet of Imagination.  Dragon Boat Festival is coming, memories are so warm, so warm, so warm, the past has become the eternal memory of the period.Supermarket delicate beauty packaging of dumplings, called back my beautiful childhood.Dragon Boat Festival in the hometown of my memory, had already carved into an engraving.  Dreams of home, bamboo leaves fragrance, wheat ripe yellow, went to busy.    Part II: bamboo leaves fragrance, overflowing passion dumplings are a traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival, memory, due to the different eating habits of the country, there are a variety of different flavors dumplings.  Visited many places, eating lots of dumplings, there are dumplings north, Taiwanese dumplings, dumplings Jiaxing, Ningbo dumplings, and our famous Guangdong Shaoxing Guozheng Zong, authentic Kau dumplings, unique Thai dumplings.  With the improvement of living standards, and affected Hong Kong and Taiwan, and now around the Dragon Boat Festival, there are many upscale supermarkets scallop dumplings, seafood dumplings, variety, assortment, numerous.  Warm plates dumplings but has been lingering in my heart, I was regarded as the best in the world, or the mother with affection, with love brewed.  According to the traditional custom, we usually eat dumplings at the Dragon Boat Festival.But in my house, as long as I am greedy, no matter what, as long as I miss my mother said, dumplings, my mother would smile without a word, looked at me with the eyes of love.And follow down, I will see my mother gaunt figure out, busy preparing for the production of materials dumplings.  I know, it was my mother would give me to do dumplings.I also know that every time my mother to do it, not just dumplings, and her love for me, for my spoiled.Whenever this time, my heart there is always a deep sense of warmth and well-being in Ascension.  With friends who are proud to say: I do not eat dumplings elsewhere, in my mind, none of the world never dumplings, stuffed as much as my mother’s love dumplings.  My friends looked at me proudly look at this, always looked at me with envious eyes, and then disguised disdain and said: do not care.  But when we tasted his mother’s “masterpiece” In the future, whenever I heard that my family had dumplings, that look, salivate, Central softly to me: Do not remember to yourself, ah, give us some of the.At this point, I’d rolled his eyes, proud raised his head, looked at the floor and then they intended frustrated grin.Looked at the mother made the dumplings, smell the fragrance of bamboo leaves at home taste, it is also a kind of ultimate enjoyment.From the selection of bamboo leaves, green beans, pork, yellow duck, glutinous rice to washing, soaking, to seasoning, tying, cooking, it is definitely a road numerous procedures, can not tolerate sloppy got a.  Each time watching his mother make dumplings, I’m always full of admiration for her, the mind is filled with emotion.The original looks like a simple dumplings, which was very demanding, have to spend so much time and effort to complete concocted.  I think I changed, I absolutely can not complete such a “huge” and “project”.The mother was never in front of me to complain about the last part, she was always doing it all cheerfully, as if it was her greatest happiness, her look is so happy and fulfilled.  Each time, my mother gave us dozens of dumplings, let us take to some friends, some of us in the fridge, eat when you take out heating.  In the fresh morning, I often get up early in the morning, taking a dip in a pot of tea, her mother had prepared rice dumplings into the pot and cook.Often holding chic dumplings, there is a warm and sweet like an oven in my heart.Process sauna net waiting for the dumplings cook hot, definitely a pleasant and comfortable feeling.Bamboo leaves fragrance, thick smell of it so easily got into my pores of the body, to lure me.I greedily sucked into that sweet and unique scent with his nose and let the kind of fragrance haunt my internal organs.  The original mother’s love, flowing gently in a small dumplings.Although it is secular taste, but happy, happy but easily filled the whole house.As if all the joy in the fragrance of bamboo leaves early in the morning, quietly spread.  Always hot and endure pain, I can not wait to unlock the still steaming bamboo leaves.When exposed ado, glistening rice that time, I could not help but bite carefully, glutinous rice, mung bean flavor tucked Velvet immediately spread, sticky, but also vaguely see a little bit of pickle was shining brilliantly fat, that fragrant, that chewy, inserted between the lips and teeth tangled, people appetizing.  The most attractive, or embedded in the dumplings in salted egg yolk, golden yellow, faint out of a little tempting butter.As if that is so unintentionally, the mouth-watering salted egg yolk, inadvertently drew me too severely and then bite.Savor, yarn entrance is a general feeling, soft, as if the bones have melted away, people articulate taste, aftertaste.  Especially in the cold morning, the best eating it like an oven, plus a touch of a cup of tea, my heart will be rippling lingering relaxed, sweet, warm, and even thoughts are flying along gently.  So, for so many years, my mother stuffed dumplings do, I became busy in rushing beautiful scenery line.  As the saying goes: meet good, hard to live together.Even the flesh and blood of mother and daughter is no exception.Once, the mother had some stubborn, had some controversy, there have been a number of knot, dedicated time, always felt unhappy.Whenever this time, my mother always brought me quietly and carefully carry her dumplings.  At that moment, my heart is always filled lingering moved.My mother passed over, is a silent warm.And I, then in the hands of, not only dumplings, as well as tolerance and understanding, as well as pamper and spoil.  So, all in all unpleasant, easily disappear; so I learned to cherish understanding and delicious dumplings in; so I slowly matured in the days of the young and frivolous; so, in my affection dumplings, the read a mother’s love.  Small dumplings, like a bridge, a link, so that her daughter’s feelings in the fragrance of bamboo leaves in sublimation again.  This year, the mother due to tiny blood vessels can not see the plug to walk properly, let alone make love to me stuffed dumplings.Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the mother never forget the day, clamoring to buy my materials back and let her do the dumplings.If not personally make dumplings for me, and that is her dereliction of duty, and that is her regret.  My heart, in addition to moving or moved.So many years, my mother put up with hardships, raising us, his own pain stranded, quietly worked hard with her tenderness, her perseverance, meticulous care of us, but never asking for anything.Maybe, as long as we live better and that is her greatest satisfaction.  I tightly hugged her and said softly: Mom, if you recover as soon as possible, so you recovered, we do give dumplings.  So, I do not care how busy, and quickly drove to buy out-of Kau dumplings home.  Dear Mom, ah, this year, and let us try it out dumplings.If the Dragon Boat Festival can make a wish, I will borrow the words of Jian Zhen, a wish generous: put a smile back to people used to cry, and returned to the health of people suffering, life returned to the lover of life.Let the sun, not the sun back corner.  Day like water, many years past, I have been happily enjoying the dumplings mother do.Small dumplings, which involves both a mother’s love, mother’s wishes, the mother’s warmth.  Eat dumplings, I would even that precipitation in the old days of happiness together also eat into the stomach, as if through time can be stained diet to meet, so sweet, so happy, so vividly.  And our mother and feelings, but also that small dumplings in steady.  Life is so original, light and satisfying.In the trivial warm, caring and understanding in moving, nourishing, and happy with the secular.