Bamboo Reveries

REVIEW: bamboo fertility is very strong, year after year, a Health & Beauty bamboo shoots, competing scrambling to jump up, green, green, truly beautiful!Home of bamboo clumps contiguous, became a landscape of attention near and far.Into the bamboo forest, there seem to hear the rhythm of the rain, the wind blows from all sides.  Bamboo is very beautiful, then, my old house with the right head of a bamboo forest, bamboo childhood I was a little preference, I like perennial green bamboo, true and beautiful ecology.Bamboo has a long history of Chinese culture has a long history, bamboo and Chinese text is closely related to literature and art painting etc..Poetry theme from “The Book of Songs” began Yong Zhu masterpiece of the ages have celebrity.Jin Dynasty have the Bamboo Grove, Zhuxi six hidden Tang, Jin Dynasty have “bamboo spectrum” “Shoot spectrum” monograph, Tang Dynasty literati drawing bamboo matures, forming a faction of the Song Dynasty, Zheng Banqiao of the Qing Dynasty set the culmination of ancient and modern drawing bamboo spread later.From Emperor onwards, after the famous Tang Dynasty ancient Yong Zhu Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi, Li He, Li Shang-yin, Liu Yuxi, Xue Tao (female), etc..Song Su Shi, Lu, Wang, Fan Chengda, Zhu Shuzhen (female), etc..Chao Yuan Dynasty; Flirting Ming Dynasty: Qing Dynasty Zheng Banqiao, modern Fang Zhimin, wu, Ye Jianying, Chen Yi, such as multi-Wang Jifu and literati, are writing a lot of poetry Yong Zhu.    People rely on hard work and wisdom of the rich bamboo resources and create a talent, bamboo craft stunning.In the long course of 2000 years of development, absorbing, innovation, not only has high ornamental aesthetic value, but also with strong comprehensive practical process known.Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo handicrafts decorated with a variety of more than 800 species Diego.Of bamboo and bamboo bamboo using water as raw materials, according to the characteristics of the different objects of varying thickness and width smear wire techniques using different processes, different weave to suit the shape of daily necessities and crafts.    Bamboo fertility is very strong, year after year, a Health & Beauty bamboo shoots, competing scrambling to jump up, green, green, truly beautiful!Home of bamboo clumps contiguous, became a landscape of attention near and far.Into the bamboo forest, there seem to hear the rhythm of the rain, the wind blows from all sides, in the depths of the bamboo shade, it seems there is melodious study on three, along mottled stone road, looking round the green bamboo forest, deep in the background faint bamboo, water gurgling study on three came from my heart, look look at the gentle water ripples floated again and again, in the face of bamboo, filled with longing for life.Melodious study on three, I see butterflies fly, decorated with bamboo time, affectionate Zhiyuan legend, is such a tremendous impact on my heart, how many poems about life, about love, covered with deep bamboo forest allusions, I was wandering in the forest, will go a long deep thoughts, it seems to fly in the bamboo forest outside Cong.    At night, when the moon, vast hanging in the sky; a trace of bamboo grass, faint stand in the soil.Takeshita of the month, bright and secluded grove; bamboo joints of the month, according to the natural and sparse.The night wind blowing, bamboo leaves rustling sound; dark clouds floated, deceive dim moonlight.Somehow, getting drunk has meaning; bamboo incense bursts, would like a little dream.The rise of visit, moonlight flashing, on child does not move, bamboo wind swing, moonlight flash, due to the wind and leaves.Head Wang Yang bamboo, bamboo leaves are illuminated, the monthly child does not move, put the wind bamboo leaves, leaf edges of bright, original in mid-air.Mochizuki, soon after, seems to dream of Italy, a cool breeze, awakened in a dream, I do not know what, I saw bamboo swing, glance over the wind, a good invitation of bamboo under the moon.    Bamboo tour again, not only enjoy its beauty, the real reward is the exercise of its products, bamboo products, forthright integrity, perseverance, not pro impressive, but the bold, unyielding not humble, but proud of.It’s also extraordinary items owned, ancient and modern literati with her song, it can be a painting, it is easy to muster poetry.A lot of bamboo poetry, long since passed.    My childhood best memories string of a string, bamboo is along the river walk, leisurely sitting on the shore.In the river, I enjoy the peace and quiet, watching the river flow downstream, and to hear the birds chirp to sing, listen to the leaves rustling.I also saw the wind came, bamboo to bend, the wind weakens, bamboo and elegantly restored to its original stance.Think of bamboo can rebound after bending or when restitution, “toughness” is the word will emerge in my mind.If a person from the blow, depression, or other emotional capacity than people in extreme situations quickly recovered, the word used to describe people of this ability.Have you ever feel that he was going to collapse yet?Have you ever feel that they could not stand it anymore?The good news is that you survived and survived, you can go to talk about that experience.    During that experience, you may experience unhealthy emotions.You feel emotionally exhausted, mental fatigue, and it may have to endure all sorts of unpleasant physical symptoms.Life both have good times of adversity, not only joy but also sadness.The next time when you go through the kind of hardship or misfortune can not afford a fast, bow conform, but do not collapse.Try not to let stress beat themselves.Hope will take you through life unpleasant ordeal.We expect tomorrow will be better or the situation will get better, maybe things would not look so bad.If the end result is worth having, then unpleasant difficulties may become easier to overcome.If you are struggling, you can not afford fast, you show toughness to (have toughness).Like bamboo that will bend, but not break.    I read a few years ago, “when there is not unearthed section first, and is still an open mind Lingyun at” a friend’s house in the nave couplet, at a glance, this verse is Yangzhoubaguai Banqiao.Although life without bamboo flowers to no avail, but not Young perennial green, filling her with restraint and modesty.Mr. Zheng Lao showing that this soft spot for bamboo, bamboo has he particularly respected festival with an open mind, but also his life portrayal of it!Wind and rain for a long load, and finally return “bureau”.Woolly-headed, I live alone in a room, take life.One day, saw abandoned pots of bamboo downstairs, quietly hiding in the corner, not by principal fighting Yan and exotic plants flower bed, I thought, this is not exactly my favorite bamboo it?Go with me to new heights.Invite a few friends over, put pots of bamboo “move” to the fourth floor.Chamber pots of bamboo, both Tim King grace, but also as partners with me, nice!Among high-level bamboo pots, he came home, though not embracing the earth, but her character is still!Looking at emerald green bamboo, a sudden and devastating sentiment, man Well, that must be like bamboo.In fact, I would rather do without as, not without bamboo heart.Bamboo is not in the chest, it is a human tragedy!    I often recall a vein of pure light, a light tea, Takeshita read “thin to make snuff another night.”.Really ashamed, I’m afraid I still can not tell which of beauty.Maybe “Among them there lies a deep meaning has been forgotten words” it.Since then, the lonely shadow always linger in my mind: dressed in white, like snow cold wins, is also true magic.My mind every now and then in past years.    How many times, when I called, the sad traveler wandering the horizon; how many times I had to, because the vast Baigan of melancholy scholar; how many times I long for, that a deep sense of times past cold at silly people; how many times, weeping tears ran for the frost from the cold weather, with fleeting loss of sad people..Numerous figure, an overlap you; many words, weaving a dream: every word sound like the king of the sound, I ever desire to come back to you, touch your face sad, your eyebrows will blow away the fog.Westerly in solitary, across the curtain of time, I’m trying to touch your loneliness.Sitting alone with he died, only one solitary drop of tears to dawn.Lights, you haggard face, sad eyes exceptionally pity people.You’re not happy, it is not?It can be as a sensual pleasures, feasting environment, this Xianchou, who made the complaint?    For decades, she has always been my comfort, but we are destined to badly to be together, Saibei expedition, all the memories flow away, but it is the air overflows the thoughts?Away from downtown, all the way west, how much blood and tears on the sad-plank bridge?Since ancient times, heartbroken people, far away in the horizon.Wang Wei, “a Han Peng positive plug into the HU days go wild,” Wang Zhaojun “Han Qin month, streaming video lighting Princess”.At that time really was the “wine into the feeling of sadness, turned into Acacia Rain” flavor.Really read the history of childhood, recite poetry, melancholy parting was well acquainted, so to uphold sigh day?    Millennium Mobei, the same cold at the same desolate, everlasting away from the people hurt.Rolling in the sand, look at where you stand in the shadow of the setting sun away.If burning cloud evening, you looked blankly, until the ears clearly hear Hu Yan Ai Hong, all eyes have been a Hunran.True there is the slightest “hide horizon is sunset, look very end of the world but not at home” feeling it!Tired leaning westerly wind, the night has been at dusk, or you or I sit in front of lights, hidden mouth with a trace of smile, “generation one pair of human life, struggle to teach two ecstasy.Acacia forget themselves not blind, for whom spring day?”.I’m in the shadow, willing to accompany you, if God do not know you missed her, but so adding to the pain.Spring has reason, not only me that she.Passing this spring, it can be looked forward to years, even if the faces of the people do not know where to go, but there is Love and be loved.One year, it becomes more numerous in blossom, so only you and I fondly?    Indeed, you are the man of my heart, but you can show a myriad of Girls, day and night, enjoy the flowers out of the window and the window in the lonely.I would like you to, like you and me, is an elusive phantom, it can only exist in a dream.Better not to meet, what if ruthless affectionate.You know this is all just waiting for time to prove.When Zheng Dangnian, my heart like a secret treasure spent bloom, accumulate into Fairview.Yunkai warm sun one day will come, just like butterflies fly over the sea, togetherness spring.    Do you remember our southern right?North to the people there, will find their ideal was originally so simple, just longing canoe, into the dream Township.Perhaps the mortal world of chaos have settled the situation on their own.Years show true and clear outline, no edges, no sickness and death.Time floating about, free to the whereabouts of an unknown place, the heart is quiet, low to the dust, the dust never bloom.    You should not mind it, “we” Jiangnan.I love the south, would not easily share it with who.I dream pillow water people, the dream of red brick and green tiles, the dream of Peach Blossom.Linhe door, Yilou tea.Listen to the sound of oars, listening to the sound of Zheng, listen to the sound of water, listen season seasons change, listen Millennium flowing style.    I am a secular person, see through purple street Red, Love War secular, but yearn for a simple, quiet detached.How about you?Answer me, you like it?Get rid of all of this world, and only with her, couplets, or watching a fireworks, or make her a zither it for you.Fingertips cruising “Plum Blossom” poignant, sad; cruising “Guanglingsan” sadness and determination; the cruising “Yangguansandie” attachment, regret.But others are on paper articles, and day and night, you just keep their side of the world, in a chilling Intrigue’s, the twilight Chaomu interpreted as Homecoming.[Editor: Can children]