Bamboo rhyme

Since ancient times, writing bamboo, drawing bamboo, Yong Zhu found everywhere.Qi Baishi with a few pens, vividly sketched out a vigorous upright bamboo and impressive.In “Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum”, bamboo is one of the “four gentlemen”, in the “Three Friends of Winter” also in the shadow of bamboo.Bamboo is elegant, noble, cold and a symbol of modesty.  Zheng Banqiao to Huazhu for fun.In the “title bamboo map” he wrote: “Ye thin, sparse festival, snow pressure does not fall, the wind does not break.”There is a demonstration of bamboo toughness and backbone.Elegant bamboo, on its own temper and self-study is obtained; bamboo beauty, by its own characteristics show.  I appreciate the fresh bamboo, refined.Bamboo at night, the moon overhead, such as being quiet like a philosopher thinking, let me see the bamboo trees, smell the fragrance of clean air.Zhuhai Yin Xiao whispering in the wind, set off bursts with a biting chill of bamboo Tao, like my mind churning emotions.Leaning one another piece into the world of bamboos, bamboo air mixing the cool peculiar flavor, as drugs in the impoverished when boiling Xianzhuli Zhuru.Hidden or concealed in the dark patches in the leaves, is the root of a section of Qiu Jin and root twisting a lower arc again into earth, it may also be said to be struggling emerged, forming a small ring withhold the earth, if that is inattentive close contact with the soil.  Fell once, I no longer go to the depths, ripped off a few vines around the bamboo, bamboo Lin Qiuyang Enron sit down and listen to the whispers.  The foot piece of the fallen, I do not know from where, there may be unknown “Taoyuan” nearby, poke Leaf layer after layer of decadent, touched moist soil, the soft gentle like affectionate kitten tongue licked your fingertips.Gently insert a bit deeper in the finger, as if I became a bamboo, you can see your own flourish, you can hear the rhythm of distant earth.  Perhaps there had shotgun rang, I saw a broken bird wings, feathers have been sparse not cover the hideous bones, slightly trembling in the wind, as if still longing for the sky, the sun still love kiss.We not a bird, persistent fly in the crowd, if not lost before in times of hardship, as they fall into the dust on the response from the shotgun saw someone fly.If we supple enough to escape the smoke shotgun, you have a right to fly.  Fog from the depths of the bamboo rolling visible cloud-lan, I got up and walked goes out through the mound piece of mandala, we see that in the afternoon of warm sun, quickly fast, the general ran to escape, finally saw a as the sun beams Fengrui vector moment Hama intended to pierce the misty rain.Birds chirp away, the sun and gentle smile opened.  Move, fall, escape, calm.This is my way in the bamboo forest, but also the future must be the way to go.Huaxi Youran flowing, as if they heard the whisper of bamboo forest, heard the birds chirp, wet Wet blowing, the world is all quiet.  Alternating sun and the moon, spring last summer.Summer xinhuang early release, according to people shade.Busy day, tired, I often take a folding chair into the bamboo, shaking his right hand folding fan, it is very cool and comfortable.Put aside all the mundane chores, earthly annoyance, close your eyes, take a deep breath, getting into the things I forgot, the realm of Heaven.He goes, the heart, such as desert wandering boats, wind wandering soul like feathers, Youran, heart and hard, bamboo reasonable manner gentleman quietly companion.Gurgling water, slowly cool breeze, cool and quiet, really nice!Forest birds has homing, I enjoy this rare moment of calm.Earth is too noisy, too many accidents to knock on the door.So, I like to stay busy to give yourself a little space, quietly left alone, learn to take it lightly in the din.A touch of sun, light wind; a touch of flowers, a touch of birds; a touch of the day, light mood.Perhaps this placid too boring, but this picture actually bears calm, bears the philosophy of life.Many people will seek stimulation in the flat, but flat after the impetuous longing.In fact, dull, life is a process of.Life journey, enjoy the journey scenery lightly, lightly deal with life’s ups and downs.Lightly look at everything, everything is fine, clear.  Clear autumn, early morning see bamboo, light smoke, shadows, dew gas, are floating between the leaves and thinning.To the late autumn, it will go to two inches off the bamboo, reached room frame, plastic sheeting and then surrounded, not only wind, but also the formation of window frames.When Fenghurinuan of frozen flies touch the window paper, Hasty as small drums, a Moderate and messy at the time, really natural picture.In the shadow of the moon, its image point of view, this poetic, varied and colorful through the window, intoxicating.  ”I would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo,” when love green leaves progressing like gangbusters, you are no longer clenched Castle, moon night, melodious flute, you Xuan window, bright night lights.  Pitt often accompanied by streams and moss, ten thousand towers like Jinsong.  A straight section are born thin, unbending stand proud.  Ground-breaking new Bi Huang Jianfeng, Kingston straight thorn sky.  Leaves Pinnacle pay one thousand, all Hui Qun difficult winter.  Rains Wind express punch line, after frost Snow and strong God clear.  Bao Zhen Zi cycle of the seasons, do not mess with no flowers festival quite bee.  Resistance to wind shaking bamboo festival fresh thinking, easing cold inside make good use.