Bamboo wind

Delicate false when State-chang, the fleeting shipped care of the good weather, bamboo Jiugongshan, surprisingly dense verdant.Whether you come from different places, is never seen or infiltration Mountain delicate green and into a gate, outside the ten thousand ares bamboo forest, you will be surrounded by refreshing cool air, the Shochiku gracious welcome dance move, like the cotton flower cloud traction, comfort is the blue sky, the birds are singing intoxicated.    When the spring tour by carrying footprints tread wake nine palaces, bamboo shoots will catch a lively eyes open to see the world.When the arch ah, ah stretch, coming to the fore, ah, it seems similar to the long overnight, to catch the flowers in full bloom party.A branch shaggy hair, immature juvenile soft, clear innocent, every cell imbued with boundless energy.Such as bamboo forest to give birth to a new group of Lingyun feelings, then negative people, the face of the vast bamboo forest, also provoke a desire born of upward momentum.That volley waved bamboo shoots, not Chun Shen wrote flourishing chapter, is a mountain in command right things grow festival?    A summer, bamboo charm even demeanor is filled with emotion, reluctant to leave the.Close look, slim gentle, dignified and just as Shu Jing Brisk and lively tour guide, nodded in tribute.Breeze blowing, rustled one, like introduce guests to the distant nine palaces cultural landscape, natural scenery, tells a story of a beautiful and moving and poignant legend of magic, or is it funny, playful, to guess passengers come from, what the without a wish?(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) If the breeze and cleaned up, bamboo jubilation like the sea.Moments, Tide, Zhushao expel Zhushao, tend to bamboo poles bamboo poles, a wave of attached wave from the foot toward the top of the hill, and from mountain to mountain waves; dived ebb tide, the waves like a half-empty sky, a vent miles, straight into the bottom.Really Shan Hu tsunami.Fresh wind, tidal broad division if justice surging, irresistible.    More often, Bamboo is in ease, in a romantic chic.Cool breeze blowing gently, like a bamboo forest ballroom played tunes, or slow three slow four have tango, disco, playing the melody in nature any, bamboos become men and women casual ease.That pace, that atmosphere, harmonious and warm, elegant and pure, this is the universe’s most perfect friendship and charm of it.    When the fog filled the catch, overlooking the bamboo forest, it is not a good flavor.Jumping like a pale mist of the spray Zhuhai, splashes Shuimo.Attention for a long time, then I do not know where to live the universe, to speak, the world really wonderful, Zhuhai into a blue sky, white mist as if misty clouds.Green and wild and fog, at Bamboo Mountain, can not help but have a sense of aloof dash.    During the winter, a snow Jiugongshan, especially the bamboo has become a pure and noble shrine.As the water droplets freeze on branches, popular place, rattled into a ring, the sound of voices beads down.Pro scene, even if the sea tycoon Lian Lu can not help but shame, generously Ertan – jewelry who has it, how can we compete with glistening eyes thoroughly clean the ice pellets!    And only temporary bamboo recollections in the snow, in order to make people think while you’re connected, in the heart replanted bamboo products.Thanks to bamboo, thank it for me to open up good memories and imagination of the window in the cold.When there is not unearthed section, to be more open-minded at the Gun.Phrase from the Song Dynasty poet Song Tingjun then impressed.Bearing in mind the motto of many young aphorisms, but before it all faded, too much wind has passed away dust off.I think I was too fond of such bamboo integrity, humility and vigorous, and only in the brain bears the indelible memory.    Bamboo’s life, was born in the South, deep in the valley, at the snow Ling Han, let go in the spring, lush in summer and autumn in bold.It is still precarious self-sustaining, do not fight with the beautiful and fragrant flowers, bees and butterfly stitch-free, open-minded festival was originally to stay, not weathered chills, grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, quiet complex indifferent quality, has long been revered by ancient literati.Presumably, Zheng Banqiao so in love with bamboo, Yong Zhu, drawing bamboo, it is the care of statement, his life bamboo gentleman love to do it?    There are many ancient Jin words like bamboo, to me, it’s the only love the flexibility, its virtual pregnant, stick it straight.    I love nature, if they join the leisure of nature, Wherever he went, could not help but stop and see the bamboo forest, bamboo skin touch, he looked up at the sky on Zhushao, seeking among the forest of bamboo Yuli shadows, listening to the wind playing bird sounding bamboo convey unspeakable rich.Hills are covered with bamboo, and perhaps people in the Tang and Song Zhi, Shen Nong care soul born, Renren Magi elves gather it, was actually so Millennium Wanzai reproduction, and so I envy the laity, it is endless love for life.