Bana open article

Part one: Bana Bana open to open the other side, the former athletic, can do nothing?  - Inscription heard that it is beautiful, fiery, such as tea when flowers.I heard that it is the only landscape lives on the road, and driving too tender and beautiful and sad.It, lilies, the dazzling red blood.It is poison, is also a drug, is close to the rest of the way to the final feast.Leaf deposit, the end of the flowers bloom; when flowers and leaves late.So bleak.People say, it opened at the other side of his lifetime to forget.But I do not know, it is too late to forget, but life after life are staggered, then life after life waiting.All this is the fate, or the reincarnation?  All along, life is a constant topic.In the container of time, and we, like trees, bloom, convergence, packed up one place the leaves, and then packaged to send back to their own apart.Sensual lighting, interactive mixed, in the ebb and flow, the reincarnation again and again, we call it life.And so on through the late autumn of life, through the Bana open enchanting sea, looking at the drip line of their own Sansei stone before, drink cure my hands, through athletic, then he walked into yet another reincarnation.Some flowers have not even opened it thanks, even though some things have not hired on the light, even if the dream had not been successful.Everything is still left in the other side, together with bloom blooming lilies.Faith and hope still, the dream, the afterlife will round.  People coming and going, coming and going to walk through life in which we are only to small drop in the ocean.We can not stop the pace ahead of time, only silently, should finish the way to go if already doomed.Are like gorgeous Bana, flowers without leaves, leaf life without flowers, flowers with the wrong, life and gone, doomed to loneliness, sadness doomed.  The other side of the lilies, open into bloody road, destined to be the only soul lives on the road in the landscape.It’s just legend.In the world, Amaryllidaceae Lycoris characteristics of lilies for the first flowering, after the leaves, so do not see the leaves during flowering.Hope one day to see this blood-gorgeous flowers, then what will happen mood?  Lilies, on the other side, the heart of this, I saw flowers, not leaves.When fame faded, fire ice, we can begin to calm, watching the setting sun Yuet Wah.    Part II: Bana open, one year after year, flowers the other side two vast, heroic and graceful so unique.  But each year-end wait to see the dim light cycle Yisha.  - Inscription Bridge of Sighs, Bana license to open.Day after day, year after year, it seems that they never fear they will wither like flowers, like other.They have not experienced reincarnation, which has nothing to do with their emotions.Rinse the morning dew in their face, like points on a delicate makeup.Some people say they are some of the past life of Empress Dowager woman, so that they look particularly enchanting.The world’s people, ah, coincidentally, always inseparable from a “where” word, thus Bana will have a remarkable charm.Sauna net One year, they are open there: tea millet flowers, arrogant heart will never change.The poor blue sky under their lives, two vast are not seen.They are Huang Quanhai by watering, perhaps, because of this, it will not rot.No one listened to their breathing.Many people are afraid of them, believe that they represent the death, only Bana in the face of death did not stop the pace of progress.I like the mystery, hope and love it!  Perhaps each person’s heart has a Bana, quietly bloom, when you stop and go in the earth, when your time is squandered, it is also their dates of death.  There was a smell of dreams, a woman with tears in a bowl cure my drink, when she chose to forget his predecessor, forget that, her tears kept her out of the emergence of life in her heart also blood.Perhaps the cycle of rebirth can be relieved for her, but I knew she was just trying to avoid Bana germination root in her heart.I did not see her hands tremble when there is no cure my took over, did not care if her mouth also filled with a smile, I only know that success or a failure turned empty.  Bana open sea, one year after year, the number of juvenile white head, empty sadness.Part III: thoughts, Bana I’ve been walking barefoot on the road, along the river shore across the retroactive your footprint.River sand rubbing my foot, and each time is really the most contact with, I have to penetrate my heart, I have in mind there are traces of passing thoughts.I have been using this most true way in pursuit of you, although sometimes, there will be headlong into the edges of the sole, sting out of the blood, pain was terrible.  You stand on the other side I smile.Think crossed over the river, come to your side, holding your hand, let you come along with me.The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side.Helpless raging water, one for my extradition.I will keep in your day the other side, stop when you stop, and when you walk in to follow.I can only distantly look at you, look up your smile in the sun, listening to you singing in the rain, you sigh echoed in the dark.I am always here.  Bloom season, you hang around in the beautiful forget to leave; forget the way home.To miss the fireworks fragrance, let love flow length Millennium.Willing to spend does not fall, people do not wish to wither.Season Whispering Sweet Home full of rocks, tears Acacia Xianchou.I’ll break your incense.  Looking back to when the road, all the way withered petals, gorgeous blood all the way.Canhong I left behind is beautiful, mottled, is to pursue the scene.I use all the youth in the retrospective, but at a time when you will lose.Heartbreaking pain still my heart has not been dispersed, the smile still stopped at the occasion that you look back, the tears still blowing gently in the wind.Everything has not gone, but I lost the courage forward, just because the other side of the flowers in full bloom as you.  The mood exile in rough water, let us drift together.Far, far away.My memories are bleached in the past, no flowers, no grass, just because you are born of pain.Just because one of your smile, I kept chasing.My bare feet, I was running all the way.You just looked at me in a distant shore.In the night the wind and rain, you just give me the song, I have been dedicated to follow.I forgot mountain of loneliness and sadness you wipe uneven, forget the other side you stand time.  How can I close?You did not give me an answer.  Maybe Mao plants should be long, flowers in full bloom, colorful flower petals as you sprinkle in the river.  River carrying my lonely down the river, flows through the place I started chasing.So, I went back to the original initial loneliness lonely.Can not see the other side has a flower, but the only river crossing.Honey, when I turn around, please call me back.Bana open such thoughts, I’ll let our love into the other side of a flowering tree, the Millennium fragrant, long eternal flow.    Part Four: a sad song – Rain this Bana open, especially today understand my mind, as I quietly began to cry, this wind, seems to know my care, quietly close to my face, gently comfort me cry.Rain and wind but to me, my dear, how do you cry, a man ah, this strong, strong again!  I can, but at this time do.  Walking in the rain, the road is full of home, step, step by step, and makes a number of.  This rain, secretly wet my hair, clothes, how sorrow and grief, nostalgia how.  This wind, lifted my clothes, went straight to my chest, penetrating the heart chamber, the cold is terrible.  Recalling also embracing the rainy night with your hand, but it is a thing of the past.Tears streaming little store, and I blacked out that night long for this Grief, wet my body, also wet the heart ah.  Standing in the rain, big mouth breathing, little raindrops, bit by bit, the bus just flow, like my tears, flowing, I do not know the tears or the rain.Sometimes think, my grandfather died that year, is the grandson I have personally written for his funeral oration, and similar to the good: the cold mountains sob sob, age, time Tim sad pity that I ,,,,,,, years, I’m that old, how is it seems that I have to bid farewell to this world, with more than a few sighs and desolate.Who can I pay homage to the moment I lost, who can be in my grave and my burning Those articles poems, who can sing as I gently read, I was careful to write for her touching ballad.  Dare to heaven, the days have been dark, buried my shame, it has been silent, it is difficult to tell how a; dare not say that, no one has than hear, how much people easily depressed; dare not say love, too much love I am a person, I will eventually be affected by the disaster.  How I cried, how sad I was, how I was grief, you know, she knows?In fact, I do not understand.  Only looked at the four walls of a person’s home, always do not believe, then look, look, there is a good hope that the protagonist, stay beside me, as I knit warm sweaters TV drama, and sometimes stood me up Bibi; it seems that the protagonist, sitting next to me, watching the children, said softly, this difficult decision how to do, how to do that, I will carefully laugh.  But the dream is a dream, perhaps forever dream!  Do not tears, but also do not be sad, lonely sitting room, the only thing is to open the computer, watch the flickering golden light, but the hope was dashed again and again, can not be reconciled, really can not be reconciled.But she has disappeared, really has become a reality, not that beat notes joyous, not that cordial greetings, asking again and again, again and again persistent, or in exchange for silence, and then silence, and a man of the stage, but no audience and applause.  Cry, not sad, not to hurt, to comfort myself, love is there, not by not reducing, but how control, my love, my love!For her to tie him down.  Had told her that was my intoxicating red, Mandolin’s laughing, she knew what I wanted to express, but I replied, flowers the other side, leaves but not flowers, flowers but not leaves, life with the wrong two.  But the hearts of the people, ah, you know, that mantra is that colored flowers ah, what you want is color, which one, but I am prepared that my favorite color for you, that one.  When you want it quiet storm, any bite that Rain is licking my all, with open arms, come on, I accept that you did not ask that, in that only lives on the road and saw the crimson petal, saw the flowers the other side, saw the passionate man child holding that the bright red flowers, bless me, pray for me, I will meet, at a time not of their wits, I will always remember, remember again.  Dark night, it enveloped my vision, how worthy watch, as dark as I feel like that tiresome cat out of the window, I heard the sad Shengjiao, encouraging people to do the soul!Is it urged me, but also the sadness, can not think, no sense of hearing, which is perhaps a reminder of life in me, I do not know!  It thoughts, night rain as I quietly shed tears, the night wind, as I quietly sigh.Hands were shaking, slowly tingling, burning pain in the heart, like insects in pecking, like tears in the brain, like slurry mix, how to adjust, shriveled to smile or two, really I can not deceive ourselves themselves, not to laugh , but it is tears filling her eyes, whirling blur.  This is a sad night, a man dare sit lonely, invite friends with drunk, but it is self got drunk, drunk, my poor fellow, what drunk to forget, anything can be discarded.But not sensible wine, drunk your body, your heart is not drunk a cup, a cup, let me not to indulge.Thinking about that song children and wanted to BS-ing, so what I understand, your sadness, left to themselves, do not let me take away a person, do not make me a drunk, do not let me walk alone.Ugh!How do I say, dear friend, or loved one, or a dream, and if, if, for reasons too many, too many, too many excuses, do not control how lonely I had, let me see you that bright red Bana open it!  I believe, understand that leaf flower, flower leaf understand, even if the two-phase fault.