Bana, open the other side

“Bana, open the other side, saw the flowers, not leaves,” Bana language of flowers represents the sad memories, call long for the endless, hopeless love, hell, heaven letter.    I have always regarded Bana believed to be sad memories, is a can not have grief, sorrow is to see can not see, I do not know what time I have to spend so obsessed with this story, Bana mosaic from the same root, but not forever want to see, because when the flowers have withered leaves, when the leaves reproduce the flowers have lost, life and life with the wrong.I do not know what kind of speech to describe the sadness that love can not have.Perhaps want to live with each other in each other’s love, the gentle one another, we can not see that the United States was also not see those ugly.    Bana legend gentle devil, it is put into voluntary flower hell, which is open in the underworld three way river escorts flower forget the other side of the river, as it has a bright brilliant flowers of blood, covered with to hell way, it was blood-gorgeous make their lives a little more roadside dazzling bright colors but, when the soul crossed Lethe, they forget all the lifetime, once everything is left in the other side, this marching deceased guidelines flowers leading to the prison Nether.But this Bana but can evoke memories of past lives of people, do not know if this is hi also sad, or it is also the end also is reborn.Bana always have a variety of legends, after all, no story is not a sad ending.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) this might be it beautiful words meant, and sometimes the other side of the word does not want to reveal too faint sadness, we always live across from each other, invisible world; we may endless world of fantasy with each other a variety of exciting, so we look forward to yearn for waiting, I seem to have a new understanding of Bana, with the wrong kind of life and life is not necessarily a tragedy, and it probably gives us a different feel to imagine expectations, we live in their own world, your expectations are living in the world, but also more freedom and better.    I never knew there Bana white, is said to represent purity and beauty, I do not understand how to explain this one is gentle and pure evil one is better.Perhaps Bana Leaf also represents the twin double meaning.Bana also the implication seems no matter how good things are bound to have a face like the devil.    The other side of the flower called lilies, nickname had come from “Sutra” Buddhist phrase, tea millet is the last season of blooming flowers, blooming Kaidaotuni, and also left open in the pre-existence of the forgotten Bana Bana, opening a thousand years, down a thousand years, mosaic will never meet.Lilies also has such a sad painful legends, the story outline generally the case, Bana is the guardian of two fairies, one is called Flower or lilies, a leaf demon called Sha Hua.They Bana waiting for thousands of years.    But I never met, because the flowering time, no leaves, leaves only when there is no flowers, flowers and leaves at the same time never appeared.They miss each other madly, and the pain afflicts.Finally one day, they decided to go against God’s provision secretly meet once.That year perianth eye-catching green lilies set off with bright red, open exceptionally voluptuous.God blame him, this is to be expected.Man Wah beads and sand are into reincarnation, and the curse can never be together, life after life on earth by suffering.Since then, lilies, also known as Bana.    The other side or lilies name in all with sad, so attached to this flower in full swing began with a sad sad, do not understand why I have been so showy flowers have such a meaning, this may be its unique story it is also sad also happy, life is not the same as you, no matter what kind of life we now live, there will always be some we can not directly use the speech to describe the sadness in the past, which perhaps we just want to forget life in the mind years, but it can not forget it so heavy feeling, like the Bana Road, we will always be her evoke memories of past lives, but do nothing.    Now we have all kinds of stories, some experienced as stinging deep into your body, you weep with pain but you still want to get it pulled up, thinking that it would end, and Bana Like knowing not want to see, or risking heaven to end this long for the pain.    However, this has never ended, he began to be more painful reincarnation.I have to admit that my soul is a sad man, I can not read his story can not read other people’s stories, always very vague, very fresh inside look very pessimistic, so this may be so obsessed with the story of Bana or the reasons for it itself!    Invisible and always feel like this flower, we are the same surface is very fresh heart is very sad, as we have a sad story.Representatives of lilies direct implication is kind of hard to understand the meaning, we need to comprehend slowly, slowly every life also needs to sentiment, do not worry, not too fast.Do not always assume that all are so beautiful too busy, do not think all the demons are so unbearable, we just have not found yet found.    Bana other side of life, life with the wrong, in fact, is it not dependent life and life, Love is not causal, edge destined to death.Going live while also.When we really have to start life or the life of one o’clock sentiment, we will have to Bana, a new understanding, not clinging to its sorrow, frustration, pain and even death and about past lives, we begin to understand and also miss not sad, all the sadness but also with a better, slowly understand the full swing of life has a demonic tender.