Banchi Roam

At first, I thought edge is met.    Imagine a maple leaf covered with cement trail: Fun in a snow drift: in the packed stranger hurried Roam Love..Eighteen years old, I thought the season just youth, but was vague things fans smoke upsets.The window will always see through the darkness, a next one.`Starlight moon, some say it is a ray of hope, because it always give people a strange sense.Like non-mainstream forgetting to cookies is like to strange to ya.There had never, never see the original, had never found again!    (A) I do not know the poles melting glaciers will solidify again, like I did not know the age of eighteen years on textbook knowledge accidentally miss the point will have teachers talk again.Always find a reason to say tired, always tired because of what can not find.There are a lot of questions textbooks had time to count, and I miss a lot of old friends did not have time to get together before, a long time did not contact the junior high school teachers do not know you getting bad, students are now faced naughty do we have before?Nightlife net I do not know if there will be Malaysia Airlines accident, as in the eighteen years I do not know when I graduated from high school he will go to the university.Confused, perhaps it is synonymous with youth.Every day in the morning did not sleep well, always sleep every night.Hastily wash up for dinner and then go to the classroom, not no time to think about how the future of the how, but the fear of an inattentive missed the typical problem of the teacher in.    Walking in the wall wrapped buildings, the old plane trees swaying branches.Count the steps to move forward step by step, the trampled grass stretched backs from time to time, it’s show of emotion, Love is the most beautiful word.Riding in the verdant background, either the sun Silue thrown into the shoulder, from soft white to dark, to be able to grow enough to carry the responsibility.Flag bear to hear Beijing haze heavier, hear the object of a wider anti-corruption fight, and I’m still here, in this book full of pens pile of Love Lane.    (B) adults say tired, sleep, hungry, eat, this is the happiest thing children.I think it should be seen adults get tired, they rest, hungry do eat, this is the happiest kid things.But the fact is often like a dream, a reverse while the other way.Eighteen dream may already be under pressure in the school books, once angry effort, only for a “good boy” in the name of the first.And you do not know, when I face strong outside pressure to learn, but a person who wants you to secretly cry.I’m afraid that when my academic success, homecoming when he glimpsed the face of your aging.You scold me, saying that I did not ambition, do not make progress, that I do not at ease, foresight not stretched.I only wish at any time can feel your breath, not for vanity and what living in a foreign land.I’m not independent enough not strong enough, but I always just your child.    Sky flickered convulsively, a lightning again and again mercilessly tearing deep sky.H-whisper voice, ticking along with the eardrum vibration over and over again.Yes, that’s an ineffable rain seems to be no sign of the wet hovering between helpless and sad boy.Tears fill the eyes, pretend indifference smile, so Sorrow ocean, slowly learn to let go after growth.Pain, nothing beats a desk and buried in the rock bottom of my heart, pressing his heavy, just like going to face when they grow up shouldering responsibilities.Suddenly really want to grow up overnight, and then get rid of this tender words, back to your side never hesitated.    (C) Some people say that a period of musical life, I said a text a mood.Fluctuating temperament, changing Moche word, walked the streets, passing people came and went, it was not necessary to go back.On how friends around me how, how do you know if what I.You can not go too much to know, if you do not necessarily know me.    A wonderful ringtones, then is a boil.Camphor tree in the blue sky, white clouds, shining downstairs never fade clear green.I do not know how sad, because I can not let you touch the heart of the sea.White collar boy, but not pompous arrogant, plucked at random roadside shop wildflowers point, but I do not know who’s who and send.If Mount Tai Wan day, I little guilty, that should the snow all over the floor, I would just let romantic.Careless move, silent trip, is also detached!Sitting corner, not a dream landscape of travel.Black paper and white dotted line circle plane, is also a function poorly explained graffiti.Look at you, you have to compliment the cardinal, did not actually snoring!At this point you are quiet, it makes me think of a summer breeze blowing on the lake, placid face of these years, the longest memory.And you look up next to her sometimes meditative, sometimes down to write Fen, just a pen and win in the long rhythm with a frown smile.We are the same age of eighteen, eighteen-year-old we are not the same, is happy not to be praised, but we worked hard just happy.Even when tired Blinded, I still believe I can still clearly see your smiling face.