Banyan quality

Shabby homes in the mountains, although no high moral, o is not alone, thousands of people together and I staggered home nestled in the shade, the smell of the birds every day, every day, Mu floral, pretty close to paradise.    Banyan trees on the hills to the majority, a wide range of banyan, I only according to the shape of the leaves loosely divided into large and small Ficus benjamina.Near his home are big-leaved.As the name suggests, big-leaved fig leaves hypertrophy wide, dark green color, such as palm leaves Jietai, due to the very heavy weight, when it leaves litter the ground, will have a definite sound.The dead of night, I often hear the night wind blowing big-leaved fig leaves “buzzing” sound.At dawn, perched on big-leaved trees the birds have to wake up and start practicing throat.The birds were singing voice really sounds mildly, but at dawn so blatantly yell really disturbing is suspected of.These energetic guys but only heard and seek their faces difficult because Ficus blotting out the sun shade to their excellent stealth place.    Features of the banyan tree is tree forest, especially big-leaved.An adult big-leaved up to three high Sizhang, shade can cover several acres of land and even the number of mu.Maybe they are afraid tree attracts the wind it, big-leaved addition to well-developed root system, there is a magical color with a bit of aerial roots.I often stroll at Ficus macrophylla shade, looking at the brown aerial roots hanging down one thousand Wanlv from branch to branch, always feel weird.Even more incredible is that a lot of aerial roots have been deep into the ground, grow shorter length varies, thickness ranging from prop roots.These prop roots once so slender thin, but once the soil life is found, they will thrive.They are the main foreign minister in a spectacular column rhizosphere, only a thin finger, crude has the same sized, they are so quietly, quietly grow, provide adequate nutrients for the crown, to lay a solid backbone The basics.Because of the pillars surrounding the roots, trunk Ficus macrophylla virtually thickening lot, in front of me big-leaved finest there are two encircle crude, as it is not sturdy four or five people hand in hand, it is difficult to hold.In my eyes, big-leaved the aerial roots of this particular form of interpretation of life outside the wonderful score.    I could not help but sigh in my heart: What a spectacular sight ah life!These aerial roots from the branches of Health, hanging and hanging, their basic task is to absorb nutrients from the air and water for the crown, had no chance to enter the soil becomes the root of life.However, they are indomitable, eager nature makes them the courage to create a miracle in this life.Think of writer Liu Xinwu’s famous quote: “Everything can not wait for individual life and then optimize nutrition, improve themselves, not only to strengthen their roots buried, but also to consciously grow, extend their lives aerial roots, in the limitations of room to grow , the capture, eliminating the screen, suck, digest beneficial ingredients, profound knowledge, innovation chic, beautiful bear fruit.”.In some ways, a lot of good quality plants indeed worthy of our human learning, Ficus is one of them!    Ridge are mostly large-leaved fig, Ficus Heights but over the raw.Ficus green leaves, large leaves such as coins, with respect to the body is relatively slim Flocculu.If the big-leaved compared northeast Tahan, the Ficus can be a scholar than south.Perhaps for this reason, the aerial roots of Ficus Ficus macrophylla has not developed, extending into the ground turned into a prop roots are rare.They Cecil strands hanging from among greenery, resembling from afar a little brown draperies fluttering in the wind.When it rains, Ficus green leaves more pleasing to the eye, rain wet aerial roots become steady up, each will end aerial roots hanging drop of crystal clear water drops, at first glance like a root trimmed curtain of pearls, the picturesque beauty.So, I initially thought Ficus more ornamental value, without the big-leaved life as rich connotation.Later, a chance discovery, I did not know he mistaken!    That day, I was alone climb nearly 1000 meters above sea level Wutongshan, Shenzhen Indus mountain is the highest mountain, the mountain growing dense forests, known as the “lungs of Shenzhen” in the world.Me along the stream countercurrent Tarzan, I saw snow spray stream water, Youhe in the cloud, scenery along the way without saying.Let me amazing is grown in the valley on both sides of Ficus, they tenaciously to take root in the soil is washed away Jianshui barren crevice, Flanagan thick as a wrist, sprawling, layer upon layer, like a cast-iron stone , dense spider web; at the foot of the rocks are wrapped tightly, a scene is really shocking, people have lamented the miracle of life!”Insist Aoyama do not relax, rooted in the broken rock.Grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind “Zheng Banqiao bamboo pen style Ficus who also has ah!When not look like Ficus once exposure to the harsh environment, they will immediately show the gritty nature to!    Buddhists believe everything has a spiritual, though I’m an atheist, but after the face of these seemingly pristine floral vegetation life miracle created, also had to agree with this view.Think of the words of Shakespeare: “When we are away from it, you can listen to the talking trees, the river’s water is a great article, a micro stone, but also Anyu the lesson that every thing inside, you can be inspired.”From this I can not help but think: big and small Ficus benjamina is the most common Lingnan indigenous plants, and they have created tens of thousands of migrant workers in Shenzhen’s bustling south as possess extraordinary valuable quality – that is stubborn survival, perseverance!