Bao Jianfeng from tempered

Part One: plum blossom from the bitter cold, Bao Jianfeng from tempered people say: life is a university textbook.Today I had the opportunity to read the book, and about to enter the finale of the book, perhaps just an epilogue.  Plum blossom from the bitter cold, Bao Jianfeng from tempered Mr. Zhu Ziqing “rush” a sense of loss and think “eight thousand days of wandering outside and rush in addition to what the rest of it?Over the past days as smoke is dispersed by the wind as mist by the morning sun or evaporated, leaving what I trace it?”Chairman Mao had a poem word ‘thirty years passed and,’ I think we have three years of college life is even more fleeting Fuyangzhijian.Hurried feeling that time of increasingly clear, at this moment we are out of the ignorant and hesitant freshman year, and vowed to concentrate on the upcoming junior, our hearts become mature and stable, began to reflect on the past, planning for the future.There are also confused days insist, there is also joy loss.  Last night westerly withered Bishu.The tower alone, Wang Jin Wandering Road in September 2007, when I lit youthful passion carries over into the river to teach the door, refined and elegant campus attracted me, I understand that this is where I would write youth, ignite passion it is like a piece of paper, University for three years we will own blueprint in which writing and planning.But I also understand that I must establish a goal of their own – in the future to become a qualified secondary school teachers.Unrestraint interested in Penglai close, I felt inaction far right close.From entering the bio-education classes to learn the beginning, I always remind myself strictly requires a solid basic skills.Because I believe there is a belief by those who developed the power of greater than 99 is only interested in people.Belief + action!action!Further action!I use my fiery passion sway of a beautiful youth painting.  Wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish Some people say that college life is our final ivory tower, is the most memorable of Eden young age.In actual fact, college life just a few years, he will be the last class before we enter society.Back in those days of passion leap: “congress” Britain swing ups and downs of spiritual speech stage praise of the motherland; classes in debate arrogant and self-confidence; presided over intoxicated and moving at the family birthday party; earthquake poetry recitation contest Yes, excitement and sadness; self-confidence and steady when “youth volunteer” activities for teachers and students to measure blood pressure.Every experience let me forget where good news is also sad, when I fail I will think of the teacher’s back and I said the word “each of strenuous efforts, there must be double the reward.We have to pay the total harvest, and harvest your pay itself!”So, in my mind all the results are not as important as I enjoy the whole process, I paid also gain.  People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that person is in, the lights dim even climb the highest mountain, one can only get down to step by step.But when you reach the summit, you all will be trampled underfoot.University life is like climbing a few years, we have feet on the ground to reach the final goal.Enjoy the process is more important than sharing results.  In the class, as a member of the organization, I actively cooperate with organization members and classmates to carry out various activities: Education presided over the biological family “birthday party” to participate in college to carry out “learning to learn” special events, May Lushan field practice, classes activities debate, “say, listening comment” class, etc..Through these activities, which greatly improves the students enthusiasm for learning, and enhance the spirit of unity and cooperation among students, but also to allow students to recognize some basic skills as a normal student should master.  In the branch of student government, as minister of the Ministry of learning.With branch organizations and students to participate in various activities organized branch of the 07 th March 2008 to carry out student learning experience-sharing sessions so that students learn how to learn, learn from each other.April 2008 to carry on the “hot issues of contemporary college students’ questionnaire survey covering the whole of the hospital ten lines (Branch) nearly ten classes in the hospital-wide.Let the hot issues concerned students spread to every corner of College.  After two years of hard work and learning, my pay has finally paid off in May 2008 after the assessment period up to six months, I was established as party activists, I know I will be waiting for a more rigorous test, I continue to be strict with themselves as soon as possible to become a good communist!  I like to read Wang Guowei three realms of life “last night westerly withered Bishu.The tower alone, overlooked the endless distance, pine end is not wide, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish.People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that person is in, the lights dim “It’s like our college life ‘plum blossom from the bitter cold, Bao Jianfeng from sharpening’ college is like life, we all grow slowly large adults, this process is very difficult, they do not lose their life course, eventually heading for the other side.Day and night work, drawing Bi Chun Qiu; studying hard, to learn something.  Then you will hear Maple flow boat, you will see goldenrod laughing, you will smell the fragrance of fruit, because you get to the harvest season!    Part II: Bao Jianfeng from tempered fifth day seconds!Substantial tempered, hard training.Vigorous finally ended in the Mid-Autumn Festival sad, bustling finally quiet in the evening desolate Yela.Tears, and laughter; there is sadness but also joy.We are a group of wings still weak, still immature mind levy birds, winter still distant rough go south, in order to make us safe into the warm embrace of God so painstakingly arranged for this brief but profound contest.Tears deposited rich in physical pain abundance physical soul accumulated in the solid body wake function of the soul.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) said: Suffering is the mother of beauty.The beauty is the perfect crystallization.Silkworm pupae that do not break in to the darkness and suffering to pupa to the silence, how can cocoon emergence, the sky dance Pina?It’s pure and do not dye Qian Chen Xuelian.If stoic loneliness of aggression, endure the cold silent imprisonment, why would attract countless seekers yearning, there was a final unfading beauty and holiness?  I like the instructors Wuwei Yang Ying, commanding majestic Custom.The military temperament and grace in between shouting and fighting was dripping try to ride.Tempered into a steel, thousands of hanging Bailian, without some cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom?Although very shallow, very trivial, but every moment I urge the lazy pace was slow, I urge negative decadent desire of the heart.In the face of adversity every human soul will be black and white, the weak will eventually be eliminated doom torrent!  I also weak.Sick day, despite suffering a few days, the small difference between the disease and more body when I approach parade, no match for the final against the cold, so it is logical and parties to pass, tomorrow I missed the parade ground in the audience the gaze was cast just a glimpse.There are a lot of people, did a deserter, but also delusional to muddle the past, fish in troubled waters.Real strong, dare positive impact of the storm, the courage in adversity still calm, fearless.So the environment can change people, and better able to distinguish between good and bad pros and cons.The so-called: quitting, brave victory.indeed so.  Well, this is not long nor short fifteen days and nights of training, whether it is for what?It is the first church school education classes?Or to exercise our constitution.unknown.However, very passionate and inspiring those memorable songs in humorous and memorable lyrics pull, that being late is willing to corporal punishment, and that the instructors humorous behind the stern side.Too much, more than that even the memory of the sea can not hold; too deep, even won the memories of the beam can not reach!Today, according to the tears of farewell, only when I look back, behind him off the floor, not floating red maple, is never touched by corruption and not moving.  Yellow leaves rustling, chaotic melancholy man.Life will often not easy to hard.Gently wipe the tears could not bear to go down, parting, all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, are carefully collected in between pages of memory, let time winemaker put it led to a jar of nectar Yulu glycol fragrant, to be after unsealed to savor.Part III: Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold, the saying goes: “Failure is the mother of success.”It seems to have become a cliché, but the actions and words are sometimes not consistent.(First opening posing a fact of life when you encounter setbacks and failures, what will happen?Because not everyone can handle this correctly, so the author is only necessary to talk about “Failure is the mother of success”) when the “red light” appear on your transcript, or difficulties at work, you whether in addition to depressed heart, nothing else?Do you realize that in this failure has bred the seeds of success it?In this regard, each person’s answer is certainly not the same!In this quite necessary to talk about: Failure is the mother of success.  Rare in the world without problems, (with life in general feelings, we often encounter reaffirm failure) failed, but there is always, otherwise, those “inventor”, “literary giant” reputation would not easily fall to everyone’s head went?Throughout history, (followed in order to illustrate the great man is successful precisely because they deal with failure right) the great men of outstanding reason for success, precisely because they deal with failure properly to get lessons from the failure, thus kicked failure this stumbling block, embarked on a successful road.For example, the great inventor Edison (Edison for an invention to undergo eight thousand failed experiments demonstrate “Failure is the mother of success”) countless successful life, life is even more numerous failures.He has undergone an invention eight thousand times the experiment failed, he did not think that this is a waste, but said: “Why should I discouraged it?It failed to make at least eight thousand times I see this eight thousand experiment does not work.”This is Edison’s attitude towards failure.He often learn from your mistakes, lessons learned, to obtain an entry in the establishment of numerous failures on the basis of inventions.Although the failure will bring the pain, but also make people gain something; we pointed out the error to both shortcomings in work, but also inspired us to gradually move towards success.Failure both for the success of the negation, is the foundation of success, that is to say: “Failure is the mother of success.”However, in reality, success is not the accumulation of failures, but failed to go beyond the summary and.If you do not know this, it will lead to “the more the more successful failure” absurd conclusion.(Exclude further misunderstanding of the argument, that is, “the more the more successful failure” fallacy) such as the famous parallel axiom mathematically, since its inception, has always been viewed with suspicion.For thousands of years, many mathematicians committed to proving the parallel axiom, but have failed.Boli Ai prove mathematician life in parallel axiom has no achievements, ultimately died a painful death in despair.While this critical issue in general like a bottomless pit swallowed people’s wisdom without giving anything in return, Lobachevsky (Boli Ai contrast with facts and Lobachevsky, indicating “Failure is the mother of success,” the the reason is the failure to learn from past experiences) when after seven years of fruitless confirmation, the failure to find.Lobachevsky After repeated failures, summarizes and analyzes the causes and consequences of failure to recognize the problem in essence, so success.Thus, “Failure is the mother of success” is an objective law, but failed to really make a successful conversion may become a reality, it must go through continuous exploration and scientific analysis, learn from your mistakes, guide future work, it’s only not “in vain” failed.  Young people prone to failure at work, it is easy to become discouraged, therefore, we only have to keep in mind “Failure is the mother of success,” the famous, to establish a firm confidence, to see it from disappointment, from failure to success.  ”Failure is the mother of success” should not only be our favorite maxim, more importantly, it is to be our guide to action.”Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold”, to benefit from failure, from the rise of hard-working, which is taught the way of aspiring young.  ”Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold.”