Barbershop style ( “Southwest Writers’ contribution)

REVIEW hairdressing industry, but also mutated.One is called “shop” greatly reduced, euphemistically called “salon”, and everywhere.Second, the emergence of classification, professional and non-professional barber haircut points.    The 1950’s, the barber shop industry rarely fixed, barber that time, lug a burden, wandering around, home services.The new bridge also has a more long-term farm dam parked in one place, such as Wanxian (now Wanzhou District of Chongqing Municipality), there is a teacher surnamed Chen, fixed there job.”Sided affair a fever”, though a idiom, but also the profession of barber sign.This “affair” is a row of a drawer-like stools, both storage barber tools, but also for the barber who used to sit, do both.”Affair” of the other side by a stove and a washbasin composition, in order to solve the problem shampoo.At the same time, also equipped with a mirror, soap dish like the facilities, everything, solve all the livelihood of a family.Today, Master Chen had passed away, but he gave me the fetal head is shaved, and later head of the student, there is a photo as evidence, “Zhangu sites, such as yesterday.”Barber industry practice of this mobility, great history in China.Film and television works, almost all related to a local customs, inevitably there are barber figure them marketplace alley, added a landscape.Beijing is the nineties, I was in Huangchenggen, saw a gray and full of barber, pushing a tricycle, as dealings passers haircut, shave, it calmly, handy gesture, let I stood for some time, it seems far better than the Summer Palace style.    After the 1960s, the individual economy gradually collective, barber shops began to appear in the street.Wanxian JIAOCHANG dam, three road, ring road and other densely populated places, there is a barber shop.However, when the barber shop, there are levels.High barber skills, beautiful young master, focused on Wanan Bridge and two road several barber shop, designed for wealthy customers and loving service.Then JIAOCHANG dam, three road area, mostly urban poor live, barber shop also not been so popular, shaved to “exclusive wheels”, carried out in sequence.The weather is hot, no fans barber shop, they buy palm-leaf fan, the few palm-leaf fan, nailed side by side on a piece of wood, then hung in the air barber shop, hire a person pulling back and forth, to promote air circulation, be cool and solve the problem.    Barber past very seriously, especially the “shaving” of skills, called a must.”Les clouds come into the store, go out Baimianshusheng.”They were armed with sharp knife around, in the person’s face ‘movement’, as described by Bai Juyi Pipa Girl ‘Qinglong twist slowly wiping complex challenges’, in the nose, the eyes, the ears Guo, gives a very comfortable feel.Zhennai a couplet said: “Although the Haomo skill, but it is on top of Kung Fu.”But, to this day, these skills gradually lost, to a haircut, there is little for you to master the initiative to ‘shave’ the reason, or is not a home craft, or ‘cut corners’ cost savings.No wonder many barber shop, also the name of “certain former two road master” as a pretense to attract customers.One can imagine, then two road barber shop, a deep impression in the public mind, is a brand name.    After the reforms, the spring breeze blowing to have a haircut industry, collective business model is no longer suitable for development of the situation.Wenzhou at the forefront of reform, development gallery everywhere, “Wenzhou salon” leading the trend of the times.In the 1980s, hairdressing industry has developed rapidly, any living area, there is inevitably a barber shop door.With the improvement of living standards, “Barber” is not just men need, beauty salon, has become the majority of women must.    Hairdressing industry, but also mutated.One is called “shop” greatly reduced, euphemistically called “salon”, and everywhere.Second, the emergence of classification, professional and non-professional barber haircut points.Professional barber shop, shop door wide open, justifiably, to show openly, authentic industry.Non-professional barber shop, the name certainly called “salon” “salon” also known as beautiful and moving in front of the name, such as “Do not forget me”, the word “fond” of the class, coupled with ambiguous curtain, hazy and blurred lights, people think it’s gracious and charming.More “still holds partly concealed” so-called “shampoo girl”, ogle, amorous, sultry breathtaking.This barber shop, “trickery”, has completely lost “haircut” function, part of Barber derivatives industry.[Editor: Can children]