Traditional village activation heritage Hefei University classes

  It is understood that the project is the National Endowment for the Arts 2017 annual artistic talents training funded projects to traditional village as its carrier, complex and creative design art senior personnel for training and target funding projects。
Through the regional features of traditional village building, traditional arts heritage, cultural and creative training set of product design, creative planning practices module, multi-angle, all-round training complex high-end creative talent, combined with the actual village of creative design projects carried out training training results will be gathered into a book, and then guide the activation of traditional village heritage and experience to promote the country。   Dean of School of Architecture and Art, Hefei University of Technology Li had told reporters: "around the new urbanization and urban and rural construction, we need to think about how to get to the next village, and in the case of maintaining the existing traditional style, while in line with modern people Habitat requires activation heritage is the most important。
"After the opening ceremony, 30 students from across the country visited the Huizhou architecture & Settlement Space Environmental Research Laboratory of Hefei University。
"Ancient Villages in Huizhou architectural style and form, is a historical and cultural heritage of heritage, is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient Huizhou people。
"Northeast Agricultural University teachers Ding Chen Yang said," Harbin architectural style is a multi-cultural hybridity formed, while in rural areas, compared with the typical 'black land culture' in which differences and Huizhou culture, I will be the focus of the study。 "It is reported that the project subsidized by the state Endowment for the Arts, School of Architecture and Arts organize the implementation of Hefei University of Technology, and the national selection and training of 30 engaged in traditional village activation heritage work of outstanding young creative design talent, from March daily 17 to to 6 ended March 30, the total length of 105 days of training, in which training camp 70 days。