be yourself

Grow again, I want to spy on the meaning of life.    Grow again, I want to protect the family’s care.    Grow again, I want to understand the depth of friendship.    Grow again, I want to experience the sweet love.    My life, not for how vigorous there, I satisfied with my life now, so I feel warm, feel comfortable.Perhaps contentment, for youth is a luxury, is fraught with danger.But satisfied with life now, does not mean I do not strive for the ideal search.I assignee, I’m not a hard worker, always looking for an excuse to sneak the occasional lazy.I want to have my fire can burn.Burn my life, go for the wonderful unlimited future and work.Perhaps that little fire, can change my life.We hope, that fire in my heart.    I want to do, such as sunflower warm woman.Bright as the sun.Allow warm themselves, in order to warm to others.Be silly laugh, cry can be harsh.But always believe, as long as the light is eventually gorgeous.Remember, a smile, accept all the unknown.Future, due to the unknown and full of hope.I do not know what is their own power forward, is waiting in the scenery along the way, someone to accompany you?I was so afraid of loneliness, there are so fond of solitude.Like, for me the night.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) as I drop in the ocean, then I live in my own little world.Do your own princess.Although it is known there is no pride in the capital but also to do themselves proud.Pace of time, is no one can stop.I accept my growth, I hope it will get rid of childish.We hope to see the outside of the vast sky.So learn the true meaning of the words of growth.In the day’s fearless youth, to no regrets!    Do their own.