Hebei rural heritage 300 years of "strum": "I would rather homes dumpling feast, strum have to see."

Pingxiang strum play。  Yang afternoon photo "hit the audience was set up just before dawn boarding house of the king……"Tan Minggang casually cappella a few words, all of a sudden the reporter entered the world of puppet theater。
According to its introduction, strum Mayen in the East Village, sung for three hundred years。 Tan Minggang six generations of ancestors are sung folks like this place like a drama like weeds in crops。
Their genealogical records: the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, 12th generation ancestor Tan Wenyu travel extensively, learn a singing and acting skills, in essence opera performances doped rub, the creation of prototype strum of Art East Mayen。
  Like with other drama, strum line of business can be divided into health, Dan, net, end of, the ugly five lines, sing, read, do, marked with distinctive, showing different characters personality traits。
"Rural is a multi-strum tune drama, men and women are singing falsetto tone articulation drawl, the most characteristic is issued when the female cavity turned tail high" gull sounds children, we call it the 'band roar'。 "Said Tan Minggang。   In addition to a variety of singing, East Mayen strum plate and also it has many rich tunes。 In addition to the "Adagio", "second board", "Allegro" and "dispersion plate" a plate like body, there are many auxiliary plate, in conjunction with "Open the door," "small door", "ladder thousand", "suona skin", "Yangzhou tune" "nine chain" and has spread more than 100 branch tunes。
2013, was named Hebei Province Rural strum level intangible cultural heritage。