3.800 million “sales queen,” Fang Xiaoqing: not beautiful is my advantage

Customer is God, but God does not like a child holding a range of people, so the first impression is not good.Fang Xiaoqing not ugly, but not beautiful, she stands 1.60 m, weighing 120 kilograms, type is chubby, but not too out of place very fair color.Such a beautiful girl standing in a group of tall lady in sales, too humble a.But is this the sales lady chubby created a miracle, achieved sales in 2009, 3 years.$ 800 million more than before the sales Chongqing Wang also sold more than 60 million!A girl so extraordinary is how to create this miracle of it?Fang Xiaoqing ugly duckling white swan in a Beijing man, 29 years old, is a real estate salesman Beijing sun of the year.Sun AD is a high-end market, the price reached 34,000 yuan per square meter, according to common sense, so its high-end real estate sales staff is not the number one beauty should also be very pleasing to the eye, or has other attractions.But Fang Xiaoqing really is a very ordinary girl, when she entered the sales department, sales director does not want her.In 2002, Fang Xiaoqing graduated from Beijing Forestry University, majoring in computer networks, may be due to the specialist, Fang Xiaoqing did not find the work of professional counterparts.Last resort, Fang Xiaoqing had to give up his profession, Daxing into a real estate company clerk.Fang Xiaoqing office next door to the sales department, where laughter is often heard to say, but where their office is very boring, she was next door for those who are curious, and later became a curious longing.Before long, she wrote an earnest letter words, proposed to be transferred Sales.Director of Sales can see Fang Xiaoqing himself, shaking his head on straight, because Fang Xiaoqing really very ordinary, neither tall figure, was not any good looks, which are necessary for real estate salesman.And, just out of school Fang Xiaoqing also with an atmosphere of college students, a look that is a kid actor children, who would dare to buy a house that you do?This is really uppity girl, that real estate salespeople are good when.Sales Director decided to give her two-month period, within two months if you do not sell a house, it is necessary to leave unconditionally Sales.Fang Xiaoqing accepted this condition, others can make something she did not believe that they do not.After a short training, Fang Xiaoqing valiantly dash to the posts.When she walked into the first day of sales, saw a trace of disdain from the eyes of my colleagues.She knew with the devil, angel face in a group of the sales lady, they had really a very humble.But as an actor and have the strength to send idol, idol though the first to be sure it can, but go longer play the best thing Strength.She secretly resolved: to do a sales staff of Strength!Fang Xiaoqing born to laugh, laugh together eyebrows up, eyes curved, so that everyone saw her felt a hi Italy.Coupled with her moderate height and extra baggage body, so that people in contact with her feel very relaxed, very comfortable.If in the past, Fang Xiaoqing will be considered as lovely and beautiful, but beautiful definition has changed, that the kind of angel face, devil, dress nice when it was Shangyao Yan.Fang Xiaoqing know the appearance can not be changed, but Qinnengbuzhuo, only to prove their strength by trying to.The first day on the job, about ten o’clock in the morning to the middle-aged woman who wear fur, Fang Xiaoqing was about to meet her, I found another salesman had her first step, she had to stop.Consecutive to several customers, other colleagues have been taken away.Afternoon, a middle-aged man dressed in ordinary wandering in front of the sandbox, but not the salesman reception, finally, Fang Xiaoqing courage greeted.Introduced a few hours, the man ultimately did not reveal the intention to buy a house.For several days are like this, Fang Xiaoqing Because it is new, you can only pick up those other salespeople do not want to reception, dressed in ordinary, look no strength of the people to buy a house.Fang Xiaoqing think you are old sales, experienced, those who appear unwilling Front can not afford housing, then I’ll come reception, I do not believe that no one in 10 people buy a house.One week later, Fang Xiaoqing did not sell a house.This time, she chose to produce their own doubts, used to be in the office sitting, standing and now almost every day, come home at night are back pain, swelling of the feet.And throughout the day I kept saying, thirsty, his throat hoarse.But the next morning, still have to go to work as usual.The second week, Fang Xiaoqing still received a constant stream of customers.On this day, she came dressed in a very ordinary middle-aged man, covered with dust, wrinkled pants, shoes covered with dust.Fang Xiaoqing meet up, began to introduce it in detail, when Fang Xiaoqing introduction to, he simply asked a few questions and said: Today I just came to see, I would take the weekend to selected family room.Fang Xiaoqing think this is another excuse, but that’s okay, as do sales, we must treat every customer enthusiasm.Fang Xiaoqing said this in his heart, and she hand through his hair and smiling to greet the next customer.Saturday morning, the man took his wife and son view room, his wife wearing a very delicate, carrying a designer bag, the son of the general designer.See this battle, the other a salesman meet up, but the man waved his hand, pointing standing not far from Fang Xiaoqing said: I’m looking for a small party.That day, everything is going well, they go to buy three houses.When the man left, with his wife Fang Xiaoqing said: he dressed too casually, to other real estate, the sales lady to be very indifferent to him.Last week he took a fancy to another real estate, beginning first lady sales indifferent look, the look that he is really the buyer, the sales lady would call him old, looking for someone else will not work, and he angrily you came to the real estate.You did not expect to encounter such a warm and sincere sales lady, he told me to go home, and rushed the small side so enthusiastic, buy a house here.You say all buy, where to buy almost all, why should it be subject share of gas!Fang Xiaoqing although the mouth repeatedly said: flattering, flattering, this is what I should do.But her heart was delighted, because of their own efforts finally been recognized and proven.Finally opened, and all of a sudden sell three houses, Fang Xiaoqing heart put down, because it means she can stay in the sales department.Fang Xiaoqing did not think that she was so out of hand.The second month, she was sold more than 30 house, the house was more than 30 million set, she sold a total of more than 10 million, is twice the second even more!The advantage is not pretty a lot of people to buy a house here in Fang Xiaoqing became friends with her, and sometimes it was all right to walk around the sales department, she still accompany someone to talk to.Once, a 30-year-old woman because her husband on a business trip, a man bored at home will come to Fang Xiaoqing chat, chat turned out to be two people a day.In her assignment was to Tianjin selling properties during that time, and many customers have become friends, as well as an aunt to let her daughter Fang Xiaoqing and dry thanks to the sisters, all right let Fang Xiaoqing go to their house for dinner.The most immediate benefit of doing so is to Fang Xiaoqing of customers, recommended to others it is the greatest.Chat with clients, in other salesman appears to be tired of one thing, Fang Xiaoqing was fun, she felt in the chat after a day without knowing it, and these people will give you different information.Compared to those who work in an office every day at the computer, the job is another fun and make money.This time, she began to rejoice that his original decision made.Once, Mr. Wang showings here, the day he was disheveled, wearing a coat out of date, there are some stains on legs.Fang Xiaoqing meet her, he waved his hand and said: There is no need of my house, I’m around, you’re busy you are right!Fang Xiaoqing said with a smile: Anyway, I have nothing, to accompany you shopping, the way to introduce you.In fact, at that time in the afternoon, tired and half-day Fang Xiaoqing could have a clear conscience aside to rest, but if she did, everything would have happened behind the.As a result, the man stroll one afternoon, Fang Xiaoqing to accompany him one afternoon, and finally a house did not fancy.But after a few days, someone phoned Fang Xiaoqing said: friends over.A few days later, another two customers come to consult friends also said to be over.That within a month, Fang Xiaoqing constantly received such a call.She was a little puzzled child, this person in the end who is it?Till when the building opened, the answer finally opened, Mr. Wang took another 13 people came, these 13 men were coming to him.In the end, Mr. Wang himself was here to buy a house.Mr. Wang and his friends who say: how about?I did wrong, right, a small party was the best sales lady I met, to buy a house from her, and what two words: Do not worry!That day, Fang Xiaoqing home specially opened a bottle of wine to celebrate, because this is certainly the biggest of her work.To recommend the latest information sauna