After three 80 “gamers” business story

6 26 at noon, 21-year-old Mali under the scorching sun came to office in Chengdu Digital Entertainment Software Park, sitting on a general manager position, a movement he dressed very young, but experienced may have talked very.Two months ago, he and two friends Chengdu partnership with the United States and created constant technology.Both men age is not large: responsible for the administration of 21-year-old Yi-min, just this year Sichuan College of Law graduate; responsible for Business Development of Xu Jia 25-year-old dropout from Xinancaida venture a few years ago, he is the 11-man team one of the oldest.That aside persons, Coban really learn only one computer, others are halfway decent game master.I do not value education, the key to learning.马黎 admitted.Mali love to play games, read the high school after touching on the semi-professional CS (Counter Strike) electronic games, and prize money by living.He was the first effectiveness Chengdu famous clan PK, then simply went to England and France to play for two years.High-intensity game, his right wrist playing the blood cocoon.Early last year after returning home, Mali interest in mobile game development.Put too much development of online games, mobile games can proceed from the accumulation of capital.After the trio created a mobile game development studio, has recruited more than 30 people, rely on game development outsourcing sold to other companies to make money, more time, a person can be divided into the four thousand dollars per month.Made more than a year, the nature of the studio to make Mali very unhappy, after all, not the company, and people did not talk about cooperation guarantee.So a little of their own money and funded by the family, in May this year, the United States Hang Technology was established with registered capital of 100,000 yuan.Mali and the others become the first students circle business people.The company had a great atmosphere, not advocacy work overtime, sometimes we still go clubbing.Mali said that doing business in Pengzhou father very supportive of his business, but also to guide him to write a business plan, investment institutions and enthusiastic introduction.Some investors saw us feel too tender, but only to find that we talk about a deep understanding of the industry very well done.Xu Jia jokes.Three young men reconciled only CP (game content developers): increased competition in the past two years, the game selling price drop too quickly.More than a month to make a game out, sometimes only sell more than 10,000 yuan, down to the original 1 / 2-1 / 4.CP development more difficult.To this end, they intend to do while CP, while doing mobile games.Next month, they will communicate stores and Chengdu jointly launched several major mobile phone download games available, which provides a new sales channel for CP game.Allegedly, there are hundreds of CP have expressed willingness to cooperate.Mali said, the future is also going to do a battle for 3G mobile game platform, the current grand acquisition of Beijing Digital Red has made a prototype.