When the three constellations are cold and violent, the cold face is not cold

Every one of us will breed cold violence in our life.. Some people even become cold and taciturn after a little injustice. Who are the three constellations that are cold and indifferent??   Cancer No matter how much trouble you have with others in Blue Veins or how long the cold violence lasts, this indifferent attitude has never been your original intention or intention.. The apparent indifference is not to hurt the other party, but the heart has been expecting the other party’s active communication and active relaxation..   Although Pisces is magnanimous and tolerant, the more people you care about, the easier it is to get angry with each other and the more likely it is to breed cold violence.. However, the cold violence of Pisces people is more like a paper tiger, which looks scary on the surface, but their heart is not a cruel person, and even Blue Veins is not going to give up on each other easily..   Once Virgo gets into trouble with others in Blue Veins, cold violence will be the most common way.. You will not only see their calmness and reason, but also see their indifferent and patient flour.. It seems that as long as you don’t take the lead in yielding, Virgos will continue to carry out cold violence.. In fact, no matter how long the standoff lasts, Virgos belong to the cold-hearted type of flour.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.