The efficacy and role laevigata good therapeutic effect emission

Laevigata The efficacy and role of which is a mixed drink has many benefits for human medicine, but for many people it may be more familiar terms, a lot of people do not know what effect has Jinyingzi。
Xiao Bian below to tell us something about the efficacy and role of Rosa laevigata, the therapeutic effect Ay!Efficacy The efficacy and effect laevigata: solid minified urine, collapse only with solid, Shibuya intestinal diarrhea。 Indications: For spermatorrhea, incontinence, frequent urination, vaginal discharge uterine bleeding, chronic diarrhea dysentery。
Solid fine astringents, reduction of urine diarrhea。
Hua Jing governance, enuresis, frequent urination, spleen dysentery, lung deficiency cough, spontaneous sweating, uterine bleeding vaginal discharge。
"Do not record": "stop left vent。 "" Shu Materia Medica ":" Spleen vent diarrhea, only small convenience, astringent refined gas。
"" Southern Yunnan Materia Medica ":" rule falling diarrhea, vaginal bleeding vaginal discharge, Shibuya fine left vent。 "Rosa laevigata efficacy and role of" Materia Medica ":" stop hematemesis, body fluid, close sweating, convergence virtual fire, benefits essence, strong bones, fill Wu Zang, blood gas levels, Dingchuan acute treatment startled Chung fright, only to vent spleen bloody diarrhea and can not help small water。
"" Nanning Drug Chi ":" Aogao cure burns。
"This product is mixed drink food taboos power post astringent, so there is real fire, real evil, should not use。
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