Finger touch the hem, and directly by the stripping her a clean.

  Clutching the towel fell into the bathtub, splashing burst of spray, child star Mu heart a tight, subconsciously see her hand.
  Bandage obviously wet, who knows Cheng double do not complain, prompting Muslim child star to speak out again and again: “Hand!Do not hand the?”
  Cheng double stop for a second: “Do not.”
  Mu meet the child star of a new round of surging explore.
  Place the end of the natural bed.
  Lay eyes narrowed for a moment, think of what the star Mu child sat up, she grabbed her right hand still bandaged thin View.
  Cheng double with very, seen by her.
  Mu child star gingerly open the bandage, around and around, thinking her hand injury is probably good, she put a bit faster action, who knows small piece of gauze actually smudged shallow trail of blood.
  Mu child star fell deep breath, put aside her hand: “Forget it hurts you.”What people ah, not good hands to think of these things.
  Cheng double, raising his hand sweep of the eye, heart instant alarm bells, busy people turned Qubao: “there is a misunderstanding, really good, the doctor himself, and I said,.”
  ”Do not believe.”Mu willful child star said:” Well, you hurt all why should I help you bathe.”
  Cheng did not want to double muddle through, Mu child star sullenly stressed: “I very clearly remember you used to