I wish all peace coming year.

Follow that the prestige and popularity of the royal family but a lot of growth, many former □□ are disappearing.

People thank them for their contribution to promoting tourism to make, but also cherish their ancient cultural heritage of the family.

Su Ming court set up security and food safety checks have been reinforced again, two healthy children with no fear.

Their lives restored calm and tranquility, and elections as scheduled –

Since the fall line of the defeated party B, weekdays quietly?Party dark horse posture in just two months ahead, with quite a narrow margin to win the election heads of state.

The “Shake Light Yao” has finally ushered in the finals, along the way is really quite easy.

Previously because national political scandal, SBC TV cover story two weeks, the variety of the schedule for any reason in the future also continue to be postponed.

And so also the night when they recovered, quiet little princes palace that long hair has never complained rounded out the top three – and is quite bizarre popularity, took twice the highest popularity prize.

In order to be supported by other players off the audience, always met with a smile says a lot of scenes, then even do magic sing a variety of small move to show charisma.