Life might as well go directly killed, you do not know Bowen has now lost his body, the man was actually a worthless punks, in addition to marry that small fry, no other way, and not to mention, I heard that she was Acacia dispersed seduce yourself with that small fry, pass the streets knows, early became a joke!”

In fact, how the outside pass, Ji House will probably know the human heart, when it comes to San Acacia, must also have guessed, this and other Xingaoqiao Bowen who certainly took the San Acacia seduce uncle ah, then think back Chunxiao House this matter, we all clear the door children, all of this, just play the game is not yet over and over!
Flowing color fearful and said: “I said before the Spring seduce uncle, great lady how could such a light punishment, let her out of the house it fills superficial, I thought great lady and more kindness, more than lose dignity now to the Bowen here, I considered to understand the great lady of means.”
Not only smart, but they Henla!
With such a master, he puts his eye child received all clean, got a can not reveal ah!
Jiang Chu allow the board to pay public Bowen