Harmonious married life brings health effects

Husband and wife can not live without sex is。
Sex is one of the key to family harmony, and the harmonious sex life is a natural physiological needs of men and women, is the common aspiration of both spouses, the obligations of both sides have close cooperation, also we have the right to meet together。 Harmony between husband and wife sex life is not only a means to the breed, but also beneficial to physical and mental health。
Harmonious married life brings health effects, m- fitness effects of marital sex life is actually a special way to fitness, joy, the upper and lower limbs can, waist, buttocks muscles get significant exercise。 For men concerned, due to the increase in testosterone secretion, muscular strong; for women will enable enhanced ovarian function, delayed the arrival of menopause。 Second, the fitness effects of normal sex life has a positive effect on both men and women beauty, women can become as God eyes, reddish face, skin smooth and shiny, big tits become constant, daily, moderate and harmonious sex life can make hair become women black thicken, the heart beats strong。 The reason is that the sexual life of human neurological coordination, resulting in the amount of estrogen, plays a decisive role in the formation of female sexuality。
Third, between heart health effects of marital happiness happy sex life, can eliminate the cerebral cortex dysfunction, endocrine tends to balance, depression, loneliness, stress and other negative state of mind will be wiped out。 Some girls premenstrual stress disorder, dysmenorrhea, neurasthenia died and more often in marriage。 Fourth, the lack of sex life puzzle effect will occur atrophy, also affect the level of intelligence; the contrary, between husband and wife often boudoir fun, make the brain active thinking, promote metabolism, thus preventing brain aging。 Fifth, the treatment effect proper sex life can improve immune function, improve disease resistance。 As sexual excitement produces certain chemical substances, which have pain relief; study also found that semen from a key role in maintaining balance in the body in the female sex hormone, can reduce the number of female cancers, such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer,。 Six, longevity effect of sex between men and women is a normal physiological and psychological activity, loving husband and wife may live longer。
Strong feelings between husband and wife is to stay healthy, fight disease and prolong life an important pillar。