So many coincidences, why devils always haunt us, but then we do not bottom in answer, they will think?”

  Qin Bo’s Speed has always been fast, but it is clearly structured: “So, I think, who’s purpose is not so much behind for others to believe what he says, it is more skeptical planted the seed in my heart other people, If the last big battle, need to work together to complete a lot of Fearless, then this will directly affect the situation of the war suspected.”
  Listen Qin Bo say, the case of Zhou Yu can only smile.
  Yes ah, she also felt like this, but, I am afraid that the other party is not afraid to let them guess his purpose, because they even guessed, not how to do.
  They can tell other people Qin Bo can not live forever, but it can make people live forever?
  Can not.
  If you really let all Fearless know about it, and that time was behind a spell of inciting a scene I’m afraid they do not know more than that it is difficult to control.
  ”So, if we want to eliminate confusion other Fearless, you can invent an excuse for not arouses suspicion.”Zhou Yu said the event, his first stopped.
  This is really a bad idea, lies this kind of thing, no matter how true it is false, they made up a lie today