Prohibition game released in Japan market!”David.Rosen immediately say calmly own program.

  ”I also think so!”Hayao Nakayama as far away as Japan Hey smile,” I have contacted Taito, Namco and other companies, focus on our strengths to act together, to fight for the East game company heaviest blow!”
  East game company from the original “Hong Kong box” and “casual” directly to the hot moment of “Space Invaders”, “Bee” and other shooters swept into the dustbin of obsolete.After the South and from the hands of a dream house made “Pac-Man” made a fortune copyright, early listing of the “Mario Brothers” Brothers once again sweeping the globe, and recently listed “Kung Fu” also has momentum fires.
  It can be said East game companies release a new game each, have caused enormous pressure on other colleagues within the industry.Peer is the enemy, always been the case!East game companies made huge profits, it means that other vendors arcade profit drop.
  Orient game’s happiness is built on peer painful, Taito, Namco, Sega these companies have absolutely no goodwill East game.Given a chance of adding insult to injury, they feel do not mind fiercely to kick, but the game company is best able to Orient direct kick dead, so we can sleep at night many feel secure.
  Just when Xujian Kui and Li Xuan still chic swing at Deep Water Bay golf course, a company’s action against the Orient game is quiet without expansion of sound.
  Game console sales agent in charge of the East Shoji in Japan has built up a very complete marketing network.On the “Kung Fu” Arcade