Really I want to strive to do.

  After that, the artists introduce themselves one by one, all the basic information is then reported canvassing, to nothing outrageous or out of color.
  Lu seventy-one heart funny, just Indus temptation, she shot back, everyone will have the results now counsels it’s right.
  Wang Yang insanity, although fun, but not the land seventy-one to a single large, but contending.Tin Ying led to the outside, almost half of the basic entertainment are the enemies want to run over warm air, they will continue to ride aboard the wreck of it, is absolutely impossible destroyed in internecine.
  Competition can not malignant.This is the bottom line.
  Lu seventy-one do not mind when it come to the head of the sword hanging over artist.But she will not be soft.I voted so much money, even though she ruined heater will not lose money, but her face is land seventy-one so well lost thing?Of course, not lost!!!We must win!!Tin Ying must tear smashes the job!!!
  However, the house rules, customs and foreign land seventy-one have discussed, for artists who have ambition, it is no good to tell them of.So Guan Yang suggested that she, educate people with facts.Lu seventy-one think the idea is really good ~~~~~
  Man child, etc. Finally Tao introduction to land seventy-one says that he can begin to vote, the same, within three minutes.
  ”Because I’m too lazy to do accumulate, get a lot of virtual first Pakistani Brain scores just looked fun of it, completely futile.So just take the first round vote