Meeting rooms, this meeting sitting members do not like the company’s internal staff, compared to age-bias is middle-aged, should be the partners, occasionally talking to each other twice in the ear between the collar seat.In his speech, someone with something presentations, meeting rooms can not hear.

  His eyes moved to the man sitting in the first place, looking calm, thin lips micro-sip, focus completely on several documents in his hand, sometimes looking up a speaker, Weicu brow, but did not say anything to interrupt.
  The speaker found Yao Ji gift of sight, speech shocked, inadvertently looked up and wiped the fine sweat out on his forehead.
  Lin Yao Ji looked at the raw ritual trance, I wish I was that pen in his hand, so you can look at it up close and usually do not like Yao Ji ceremony.And gentle face when he is completely different from the past, this time courtesy of Yao Ji and his shirt collar as closely, with abstinence means.
  He felt he could not move the feet.
  No exaggeration to say that, if able to open this conference day, he will be able to see a ceremony in front of Yao Ji day not blink.
  Until wheat poked behind his back, Lin Qing Ke heard this raw, touched his nose, “I was pleasantly surprised think, what surprises do.”
  At this time, the conference room door is opened, scared forest health quickly took a step backward, not