The man surnamed Mu little classmates, quietly quietly in class after class, back to the palace, carrying a broom to work around children, princes did not live up to his own palace quietly to help repair Miscellaneous royal garden grass, hard working people could not find people to.

He was in front of the camera, it gives people a ‘This is an honest man ah’ strange feeling.

A moderator will ask one, but also seems to have trouble understanding those networks popular terrier.

Has such a strong strength, from efficiency to impeccable quality are perfect grasp of color sense enough amazing – these rings and stiff and quiet of a joint appearance, but a kind of stay Meng it makes sense trust.

Mu Liu Wen has gradually been heard in the house other dignitaries, as well as better you please miss some of his custom dress coat.

Queen Mother after the storm entered the state of play chase, only to see their own melon seeds is quite interesting, and drew the old woman after a look at this program.

After the old woman was too old like to doze off, but sometimes I watched particularly curious: “What is this?What is this?”

Two old lady join in or to watch TV every day, gossiping, and other grandchildren after class and then call them over snack, life is quite relaxed.

The final day, the prince and later also about private