Intended to pick up some interesting stories to tell Grandma ancient original, the original Xiao can not always quiet more than three minutes, do not want to interrupt bickering, she is to fight against unwanted history.

  Now XIA away have become a teacher, the classroom will be surrounded by students asking questions.
  But this did not spare some time to answer XIA away.
  She looked at the suit, coat of arms hanging in the original Xiao, from the rearmost amphitheater, a level to go down stairs, a little trance time.
  Xiao original two-step across the far distance stood still, gazing over the students, past the podium, still and staring at her, but did not open.
  ”teacher LIN?”Edge of the platform of the students hesitated calling again, and then looked at the back of the original Xiao.It is a mature dressed business people on campus are rare.
  XIA away from recovered, the line of sight back, replied: “Today I have something, there is a problem right next lesson?Next lesson I will advance a quarter of an hour to the classroom, after-school line, two class courseware that time you can beat together.”
  Around the podium students know that this is something the teacher meant, so I agreed with, the teacher shouted goodbye and left.
  Evening open amphitheater, gradually quiet down, but also