Wu angry laugh, “you want money?Then obediently listen to me, put me let go, then I catch up to Wu Tao, or you will not have a dime.”

An Wei Zhen pick pick brow, just trying to pry open the skull Wu, a look which in the end is made of, really worthy of a mix of static energy and late person, structure of the brain is really the same as the same, “I I never met a dare to rely on my account.”

Text Chapter 249 salvation

Wu to see her under cold sound, but stared at Ann Wei Zhen keeps leave money, he decided that she was a greedy person, immediately put three million life insurance as their big move, how could easily because the only safe Zhen a few words on the pay out, “you let go, caught Wu Tao, I’ll give you the money.”

An Wei Zhen indifference: “I can also use another way, I chop off your finger, send your father is not dead, you see that he will not pay me three million.”

An Wei Zhen looked at with such a cold expression saying so bloody, then, Wu whole body flick, simply being suck down a cold lump hack, he stared blurted out: “Do you dare!”

An Wei Zhen flashed been rubbed himself on his bright dagger: “You see I dare?”

Eyes looking at Wu