United States intends to cancel H-1B extension students: return home or to a preferred direction

One important way to January 9, according to the United States, "Qiao Bao" reported for international students to obtain H-1B work visas, green cards in the validity of the visa to stay in the United States development: sources。 Since the H-1B work visas are limited while the number of applicants in recent years to obtain the visa through the lottery has become increasingly difficult。
However, after lucky in the ballot to obtain H-1B work visas, as long as the stable, three years later granted an extension, you have the opportunity to apply for adjustment of status, and is likely to become permanent residents。
Although this process is quite lengthy, it may take six or seven years, or even longer, but in accordance with existing immigration policy, as long as the hold H-1B foreign worker status can eventually get a green card or a clear prospect。
However, with the adjustment of immigration policy, this came to America to study, employment, migration of "old" is likely to be truncated or blocked。 According to current rules, within 365 days before the H1B visa six-year period expires, if the H1B visa holders have applied for PERM labor or change of status I-140 (green card application form), waiting for a work permit or green card, you can apply 1-year extension beyond six years。 This extension is no maximum limit, as long as the process is still waiting for immigration applications, you can apply for an extension from year to year, until it get a green card so far。
The data show that in November 2017, 30 445 copies H-1B work visa application has been completed, there% of applications are being reviewed by the government。 This November 2016 a total of 30161 copies per cent compared to the completed application proportion, an increase of 1 times。 Through this data is easy to see, in the present immigration policy faces change, many students have begun to take precautions。
White students is one of the students, she has experienced in the past year application process of ups and downs。
White said the students, many students around her have opted to return home, those who stay in the United States has got most legal immigration status。
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