Jade tree.”

  Jin Mo:.
  White leaf rolled his eyes, the two walked into the elevator, it seems Jin Mo is really the name of Cao some unhappy, if the normally white leaves occasionally narcissistic two, this girl is definitely something to harm him of.
  But today the way, has been the curse that ramble surnamed Cao, I do not know what is the story behind this man.
  ”Well, then he really disgusting, I also wanted her husband?I think even you do not like him!”
  White leaves:??
  What I do not even like?
  This is not what I grab lines?
  Few people better than me okay?
  ”Now that you two do not like him, why should cooperate?”
  Mo Jin pouted, Sidongfeidong said, “This is surnamed Cao, and my dad had something, Yu Group shares this heart there is also thirty percent of my dad, my sister said she is in person rivers and lakes involuntarily, specifically why, I do not know.”
  Ye White nodded, something difficult to say clearly on business.
  Then deep human feeling is not as long-term interests, and this is human nature.
  When leaves and white Mo Kam came to the top, we found that all employees have the entire office and all of a somber