, It not a warning to others?

161 Chapter Rongrubujing

Jiang Chu at this time, it has come to Snappers.
The old lady listening to outside of the movement, turned pale and scared: “This, this is how?Bowen child committed a big mistake, actually ? ”
Jiang Chu Liang leaning sit down: “You do not worry your mother, she was guilty of anything, it will be eleven inform I.”
Chu Kang Ji Yao to put Bowen prescription, how to frame the Chunxiao, now think about how shed with acacia second to Yao Ji prescription, did not think the wrong people, and actually become a small fry thing.
Liang listening to a piece of the pile, his face is getting ugly, she was never expected weekdays in front of her putting so much as a well-behaved child vicious mind!
Jiang Chu softly: “Mother, this eighty stick, I was absolutely necessary to complete, she made too many things, first of all to master prescription concerned, it is already framed, and later Spring frame, visible heart malicious and first secondary want drugged, he explained hardcore, so people stay around your mother, I do not worry, Messire