, Or because you want to compensate her guilt, so that a trace of hesitation with a loss very reasonable.

  Thin Gujiu An Xi know where to go in God, but this scene close to the end, so the seedlings in Shen know confession that moment, Speed quickly interrupted: “Today has been a convenience store to buy cigarettes with boys I declare.”
  ”I promised.”
  That moment, Gu Jiuan completely tell who he was in the end.
  A City, a village.
  20 square meters of a room shortage in the area, a woman wearing a cheap Dress positive bent down, took a shampoo wash basin water, ceiling fans crunching crunching swinging, sent a trace of wind, not only can not reduce the room temperature steamer like, but people feel increasingly irritable.
  Huo Zhihui shampoo to wash the sweat, the sweat flowing down my neck, rushing down like a hot bath to wash.
  She put the towel into the air basin fling, hastily hand on the water wrung hair, and the hair to the back of a stroke, leaving hair dripping wet drops her skirt.
  ”Mom, we can not change a place, ah, this is not a place to live, but to live close to a lot of old bachelor, every time I have to go home with his dirty looked at me, really disgusting