Soon the city, the East has been successfully put on commercial games, covered all over Japan, large and small game room.

  And “Kung Fu” appeared in the arcade game room, to rely on great content, players become the new darling.”Kung Fu” hot pursuit game fans, so busy commercial distribution in the East, did not notice Tokyo Chiyoda Tianmou home game room, a brawl occurred, also will not know the resulting simmering.
  Brawl story originally appeared in the Japanese news agency’s “Tokyo Shimbun”.Newspaper first introduced a bloody and violent promote Hong Kong game, so that is not yet fixed values of Japanese teenagers, learn the game in a way to fight violence with violence.Then the newspaper went on to lashed the Japanese government foreign cultural invasion dregs of laissez-faire attitude.
  This article is followed by another newspaper with a newspaper, “Chunichi Shimbun” reprinted.”Chunichi Shimbun” Japan as a full fifth of newspaper circulation, and finally let it caused widespread concern in the Japanese mainstream society.Then, “Asahi Shimbun” when follow-up report, a fight broke several teenagers are skipping school hours in the game room to play games.This immediately triggered a strong focus on the education sector, and gradually evolved into an event, the great debate throughout Japanese society to industry pros and cons of the game room.

Chapter 198 wait

  ”The Japanese market is now what circumstances?”Li Xuan Du Wenjiang walked into the office of the president, asked a straight face.
  ”This time we are also lying in the gun!”Du Wenjiang face smile said,” our “Kung Fu” game after the listing in the Japanese market is very hot, the result of two groups