A.The first round of voting on Liu Liu, Liu Liu is so now in addition to a point, other people are zero.After the end of this round, Liu Liu became two points or one point it was turned into?Let announced the voting results ~~~~ “

  Lu seventy-one point to the big screen, “I feel I really became a moderator, ah.Thirsty.”Well the next chapter of cloud flew personally handing me a glass of lemonade, then took a sip, but also show the results on the big screen, ‘OK, congratulations to wear complex, a minute hand ~ ~ ~ ~’
  Wearing fan in land seventy-one schematic, stood out, really happy, bowed deeply, “Thank you for your love, I will continue to work hard!!”
  Lu seventy-one took out his mobile, “Come on, why do we vote for fan wear, send comments to me.”
  [Men than women long acting career, you want to develop warm, still need to wear such a fan]
  [Role should be a woman’s right?Dai Feng Fan looked over there early Star Fan]
  [Fan wear handsome gas ah, high plasticity]
  [We are all from the perspective of the cause of the warm air out of the ah?Only because I do not elect a woman?]
  [And I, I have seen fairies never really despise other people]
  [How you say let the game go on?Do not live up to the trust longevity ah]
  [Wearing fan is not optimistic about the longevity of people do?I chose]
  [Feel warm air can be more sign some male artist, and now want a lot of red men than women]