Zhuangzhuang accidentally stepped on the foot.

  Dressed in traditional style suit male etiquette, with white gloves, tea tray pulled out from the conference room, Lin-sheng immediately patted the thigh, “With!”
  At this lecture people have to step down, no one spoke conference room, very quiet, only the sound Yuji Yao flip presentation ceremony, along with his hand written nodded his table, issued a “Benedict” in a crisp sound, a lot of people follow She trembled a little.
  Finally, Yao Ji ceremony to lift his head, “Our current invested heavily in science fiction film and television works, not just in response to the above call, or want to be a technological innovation in the field of science fiction film and television in our country.”
  At this time, “squeak -” bang, conference room door is opened, holding tea tray of male ritual once again come.Yao Ji ceremony intently saying:
  ”Ladies and gentlemen sent program, I have just read carefully.Indeed, in the post-shooting techniques and special effects, some growth, but the visual impact is too biased, and ignores the humanities.Sci-fi film and television works, no matter how new technology is put on the bladder, in the final analysis, it is telling a story, tell people the story, the story to look good, this work can be regarded as successful.”
  He tugged at the tie, “IMHO, you shoot out of the scheme, very powerful, but also