You can not express it did not, ah, I do not want to.”

  ”You are really finicky.”Song Liang smiled and pulled out a cigarette helpless to tear down, to celebrate, he had prepared a box of soft Chinese today, not opened yet.
  Chen diving on a cigarette in his hand and took down Old Song: “Do you really give a ah, so many brothers are waiting for a hi tobacco smoke you do.”
  Old Song Chen diving was made a little temper is gone: “Tomorrow one box, one box!”
  ”Wait, I sound recording, you say it again from the new.”Chen diving seriousness out of cell phone.
  Song Liang patted his forehead: “get too much, and I will now go out and buy!”
  ”This is more like it.”Chen smiled and diving took a cigarette out to the brothers went to the Security Department circulated, while reimbursement while reminding them a while to find Laosong to smoke, a box of soft Chinese people.
  Minister Chen for his brothers to give them “seek,” the benefits are quite satisfied ah.
  Song Liang Chen diving do not know him play to play, did not mean he wanted even bankruptcy, Chen diving is to help him gather the people at this time.
  Any department and deputy leader is not easy to do, you want to get the job done, people will have their own Shoudexia cohesion.
  This time is the best time to improve cohesion, Chen did everything Song Liang diving are helping it.
  Song Liang cigarette to buy back, one by one