orse this product, certainly nothing to worry about the place.]

  [Come on, people electric cars that are soon to be the fourth generation, there have been no previous issues, please?]
  OTC dispute have, but just quietly be the venue, Peiyuan Bo and Pei Yuanqi artists clutching a red silk, as one, with force, it ripped, appeared in front of everyone is coming with a five-element to two characteristics technological sense car, a standard lightweight four, behind the chair can be folded and stored as a trunk; it is a family type, as a total of three rows, the trunk capacity is not small.
  [Wow!Cool, shape or to maintain the level estimated color is customizable, you 杭州桑拿do not know what this technology has been upgraded.]
  [Life is estimated to be raising the bar?It is now charged five minutes, using?Hours, it is estimated this time to achieve a single charge, the use of a few days.]
  Peiyuan Bo stood still in front, he spoke into the microphone: “This time, our four generations of new energy vehicles, configuration is as follows.”I played on the big screen configuration corresponding price, and most of the cars, there is also a Deluxe Edition, Standard Edition and lightly armed version”.This time, there will be more long-lasting battery life, a more robust security performance.”
  ”and also.”He did not blink because flash, just looked at the man sitting in front of” real smart – the era of unmanned, from this day, officially arrived.”
  [Unmanned, it is not there yet?]
  [You do not say is that o南宁夜网ften the problem, semi-automatic, semi-manual unmanned bar?]
  [WTF, you look at the big screen, automatically determine the surrounding environment, including vehicles, people, did several tests, if someone suddenly rushed out, will quickly find the optimal solution, rather than simply the brakes – this is not referrin苏州桑拿网g killed who is to go over there to open up and down, can not affect other people, as well as automatically determine the road, cross the alley.]
  [Not over yet, and th