will say, when Shengjun Hao threw himself playing 杭州夜网论坛sadomasochistic Wife with Jiang Xiaolian, Pei Dai Jun is still focused on doing the same as before Mrs. Sheng, Sheng coincides with mom, dad Sheng older, the body well, she is now back in front, taking care, he did not notice her husband came home less and less, to treat her attitude more and more indifferent night.

  Among these, Sheng parents realize that they get older, the body as before, Pei Dai Jun has been questioned several times, I still have not asked each other how to give birth to a child Shengjun Hao?Between rhetoric, accusing Pei Daijun great meaning infertility.
  Pei Dai Jun dare to admit that her husband rarely come back several times, both looked tired, how are “not OK” – of course, Pei Dai Jun isShe does not think her husband pay public grain on the outside of things, but she worried that her husband of nearly middle-苏州桑拿网aged man, is not experiencing a midlife crisis, but what is hiding something or have a bad opening.She even played a mind and want to do IVF, even if the so-called oocyte retrieval pain are nothing, but she knew what she whom everywhere the sake of her husband, just sway with sweat in the other women who do no苏州夜网t want to have children with her Bale.
  - middle, she is heard several times the wind can Shengjun Hao acting class, and friends around the series well, after her fruitless exploration, but also trust each other, yet their innocent feel guilty.
  Shengjun Hao offered until after the divorce, and finally all truth.
  She had never imagined, and her bed can sleep a decade of love, give her a hit so heavy, Pei Dai Jun naturally did not immediately agree, she exhausted all the ways she could think of to save the marriage after, with Shengjun Hao, Jiang Xiaolian communication, but all to no avail, even let Jiang Xiaolian sad, Shengjun Hao directly out of hand –
  Before he did not know at what time, where to find the original body of a friend, the other party to the original body cajole dr