zhi Wu suddenly have a b苏州夜网it embarrassed, dark cheek thrown faint blush, stammer,” I help.I was supposed to help little sister outlet!”

  Zhou Xiuying was originally get Zhao Xiaoling heart a little sick of seeing this silly goods after three bedrooms, the heart of Yu gas has disappeared a bit, she laughed a little, “you back outlet, do the subtle point, do not let a man quasi-guessed!”
  Hear earnestness of education, Nguyen rain eyes wide open, the way to teach children how!
  Thus laughter, the kitchen is also bustling, of course, last Zhao Xiaoling did not go to the kitchen to cook, but Zhou Xiuying second child and wife both work again in the kitchen, in the afternoon to catch the time to go there to work every day at noon, general farm households rice meal deal are gone.
  So did not eat yesterday is so rich, but it is a spicy cabbage fried pot, bu深圳桑拿网t also to do with the cornmeal corn gooey, gooey inside put some wild also put some pickled cabbage, a spoon down, was able to remove to a lot of things, not just soup, although the food is not good, but it does enough tube.
  Like Ruanzhi Wu eat this, eat a meal of San Taiwan.
  Dinner just about to sit on the table when the door came a familiar voice, a rain Nguyen, eyes light up, her parents returned, according to her impression inside, past Ruanguo Hua Fang Xiulan and two are at noon county to eat, of course, is to go out in the morning, the house band, noon heat it on a stick, come back at night to eat.
  I was not thinking, big Comin noon turned back to eat.
  Ruan Guohua borrowed twenty-eight yard bike to a stop, Fang Xiulan jumped down from the car, looked at it flexible effort, really like mother of three children!
  Fang Xiulan people not to, gentle voice came over, “rain today, how the body like it?”
  Nguyen rain run fast, one flew Fang Xiulan arms rub the rub, smiling said, “Mom!I miss you so much!”
  Am out of that thing, she is not thought if their own parents in front of children, forests will not be home would no