terviews, repeatedly boarded hot search, known as the perfect match, is Shengjun Hao Jiang Xiaolian support with, on the outside to start a public service, the person specially set up to her charitable found杭州桑拿ation named after the lotus flower, for her fame, completely obliterate the former existence of Pei Dai Jun.

  On watching television, holding each other to each other, Lovers send both husband and wife to attend the meeting, except there Pei Dai Jun and original body shudder, they clearly know, how about the other hidden in a terrible heart under that handsome face.
  After fear, while the two bow, as did not see, continue to live their lives – the truth mantis trying to stop the car, they know, in the face of life, two father and daughter chose to bow.
  Life is not better than small vendors, there are many waves during – Pei Dai Jun good-looking face, he attracted a lot of rotten peach, knowing she divorced, had a baby, a lot of people Liuliliuqi, taking advantage of point single drove her joke, although the original body of杭州桑拿ten succeed, be older, gradually powerless, he knew his daughter had a very painful.
  I do not know because not ring true life, or was interned reason hit, the original body otherwise healthy body, as before, in the sixties, when it reached the end of life, before leaving, he no pain, just tears, looked a lot older daughter: “in the future, Dad will not drag you.”Then he closed his eyes.
  He’s in this life, is a useless man, nature Shengjun Hao did not see, nor know how to make more money, backed by his daughter, older, depriving his daughter is also cleanse the family, it is not B does not leave the city, even if it were to this point, but no way to completely change his temper, and strive together.
  He regretted, very sorry.
  The man looked down at the clothes, self-deprecating smile: “I never thought after my death, but 杭州桑拿added again put on such clothes, it seems my life, really is too love to enjoy, whenever I can get a bit capability, a lit