tle brain, later, I am afraid it will not harm Daijun.”

  Pei Naochun did not say anything, he just quietly watching men.
  ”I only hope that you can get Daijun alright, can rely on to be a father,苏州夜网 but not always drag her, let her pain.”The man finished speaking, the body a little bit disappear, temporary thoroughly before seen, he quickly shouted out his own eye, then hit the bottom of my heart,” If, I mean if you can, help me to play that darn meal!To be ruthless!”
  He disappeared last moment, waving his fist fiercely.
  He regretted his hit man, which led to her being away, but he does not regret it, hit Shengjun Hao, he should fight!But also it was killed!
  Pei Naochun woke up he was lying on the white deck chair, is the head of a big beach umbrella, is blocking the heat of the sun, he swept to the side, is seen countless scantily clad men and women, this should be in a foreign country, he saw a lot of whites, blacks.
  ”Mr. Pei, you go somewhere else to play it?”Seeing him on this movement, chair goes next door, with black glasses, wearing cool guy immediately sat up, he was studying abroad students, language relied point advantage, often to the country to large customers do accompany the tour, it’s not the kind of color service, they are responsible for translating the guide only, after all, many people do not understand a foreig深圳桑拿网n language, unfamiliar to foreign countries, even ordering a taxi all embarrassed, “we can do a yacht, barbecue or back to the hotel for dinner.”
  ”No.”Pei Naochun to attend a lecture looked at each other, this excavated from the original body memory, the front of this man, he is paid for Li invited to accompany the tour,” I’ll turn over and then I lie down for a while.”Carter, before he could react, he is now on the beach, most people – can say almost everyone, are so Siyangbacha horizon lying on the couch and lie down seems a bit strange?But to be said, and so do it!He silently side of a body, lying good reception from the memory.