sat for a while, look a bit complicated, after all, a bit hard deck chair – a comfortable lying on his side do not know?These days, he has witnessed the financial resources of Mr. Pei – other very wealthy, generous on travel, living conditions are good hotels willing to spend money, playing interesting projects, but also often teach you the luxury shops – – but this is a strange place, the Mr. Pei it, unlike his former host to other wealthy clients, a do not buy expensive watches, and second, do not buy brand-name jewelry, regardless of where to go, hung his Daikin chain,杭州桑拿洗浴 Daikin rings, bracelets three-piece.

  It entered the luxury shops, the Mr. Pei, will also find the staff to be what the season, the latest models, just quietly in a circle, whether it is a discount off season, buy only identify large, do not buy a good style , even the so-called classic, explosion models, as long as the logo is not, no matter how the clerk to sell, he refused to shake his head, life and death do not buy, the head Li also thought the other cash-strapped, swollen face, red fat, may he had once stood next to each other, to see the balance in the card, he found himself this was misunderstood his.
  If these questions get asked Li Pei Naochun, under which he will be able to be answered.
  The original body has always been an idea and a simple man, he is not macho idea, previously at home, and his wife run the shop, always, regardless of what you and I, as long as the money, who can spend; daughter married Shengjun Hao, they are feelings to, but not Pan Gaozhi, although the daughter did not go to work, this requirement is Shengjun Hao, second daughter at home do not have to do a lot of things right?A total of marital property, 北京夜生活网the daughter too hard for the family to pay for Shengjun Hao solve the worries, how they can not dominate the family property?Moreover, he and his daughter are not taken advantage of any sum of money, are Shengjun Hao agreed even offered the.
  Meanwhile, the origina