l body own heart has a little books, he and his daughter have said several times – though he felt at home half the money her daughter, after all, is the cause of fighting outside Shengjun Hao, daughter to know how to operate the family, once overruns, or son reluctantly, and they immediately ordered a halt, he should come back come back.

  It is because there is such an idea, he had never spent a large sum of money, what really expensive watch, car, bag, he did not touch, all it takes is travel and buy brand-name clothes, over the years call 南宁桑拿money, It did not take too finished.
  Of course, the original idea of the body can not tell right from wrong, many years later, he had regretted it many times – on 深圳桑拿网that point home deposits in domestic tourism is also not okay?Why she is not a normal father felt that her daughter support point, to travel for granted, but rather to the Shengjun Hao last chance, but also harm daughter.
  Pei Naochun after receiving memory, now finally confirmed about the point in time – that’s a difficult thing, after all, the original body around the year traveling outside the home do not know what happened – now, a little fuzzy, imprecise He Shengjun Hao and Jiang Xiaolian began soliciting no, he only knew, vaguely Shengjun Hao has begun to “busy” again.
  ”Alan, I am a little tired, or we back to the hotel bar?”Pei Naochun sat up, stretched his one afternoon, almost on the beach had a.
  Li naturally agree, call him to arrange dinner followed behind, Contact, also asking if you want help about the hotel upstairs SPA services, Pei Naochun did not agree, he has followed his own arrangements, used together with Li meal, he hurried into the room, finishing 南宁桑拿her dress –
  Pei Naochun have to say, the original body of the hanger really want him blind flash, a wide range of colorful clothes, even if it is a rare few simple tricks, must also printed on top of at least half of the large space trademark.
  ”Hey, Dad.”At this time the country is in the morning,