US Mission taxi year subsidy model copied by bit, to bring to market what to change it?

US Mission taxi formal network about attack car market, in Shanghai on-line service, from the current news of view known copy of the basic pattern and pieces of the year that is given to the driver generous subsidies, and further waiver to collect royalties, this is likely to change network about cars and pieces of a dominant market current situation。
Network about car market drops a single large network in the country about two car companies, and drops of rapid consolidation in the fast early in the fierce competition to become drops, then the network becomes a bit about the car market competition with Uber China dispute, by the end of 2015, as the music is easy to shares, easy to have begun rapid expansion of other small and medium enterprise network about cars is almost impossible to compete with companies that several network about cars。 2016, rapid development is undoubtedly prone to the first half of the year and Uber China drops the reduction of subsidies for drivers and passengers of all, it passes into the war opened the subsidies given to charge up to 100 users to send 100 discount ; the third quarter of this year, China is determined by bit and Uber merge, and easy to give a further opportunity。
After the merger drops and Uber, a taxi drops rapidly rising prices, prices have more than doubled, from work to travel the author, the carpool lowest price before they merge as long as 12 yuan more than the combined carpool prices began a rapid rise, first to mention 17 yuan rose to 24 yuan, instead of carpool greater price rises; in the case of a taxi drops rapidly rising prices of basic I gave up and switched to using a bit prone to carpool。
Since the end of 2016, as the financial problems spread to music, easy to begin to appear taxi difficult phenomenon to the beginning of 2017 to almost not easy to get a taxi, I was forced to go back drops, then drops the taxi prices rise again, carpool trip commute price rose to 30 yuan or even higher, since the end of last year by bit carpool basic price above this price, the price has more than the price of a taxi, rather than carpooling price is beyond the two taxi to even more。 Drops could be so wanton prices, and it certainly made a monopoly position in the market have a great relationship, which provides more convenient than a taxi service and higher quality vehicles, users formed the habit of using the web about cars so it even if prices continue to rise or attract a lot of taxi users。
US Mission taxi to join the battlefield will bring the US Mission to change anything in Shanghai on line taxi It is understood that will be given to drivers with very favorable terms, completed 10 single can get a minimum of 600 yuan income every day, and more than $ 600 then an additional subsidy 200 yuan, and added early in order to attract the driver does not charge royalties and only charge per unit 0.$ 5 fee information。
This offer subsidies and then drops quite similar, as long as the driver then drops the completion of certain singular can get preferential subsidies, Guangzhou bit driver has said that the completion of 25 single day to get 200 yuan subsidy, but drops to charge 20 about% of royalties。
In the US group taxi generous subsidies, we believe that a lot of drivers will be added。 Moment by bit driver has almost no subsidies, fees paid to them by bit higher than the previous 20% royalties lot; because the drops drivers need to purchase their own social security, etc., comes with the car driver drops had to buy their own insurance and other fees, high costs and declining revenues led to significant reduction of income by bit driver。
Lured by the US group is likely to lead to a large number of pieces a taxi driver to join the US Mission。 Due to a substantial increase in the cost of passenger car drops, leading many passengers to switch to public transport, significantly reduce passenger, resulting in a substantial increase in bit drivers Kongshi time, which in turn further reduces the revenue drops drivers; and the driver drops many drivers leads to reduced income drops again return to the taxi industry, resulting in a substantial increase in passenger waiting driver to experience deterioration passengers further reduced, which formed a kind of nausea cycle。
After the car hit the US group is also likely to give added passenger-side passenger fare concessions, in fact, the moment the taxi drops prices generally higher than a taxi, a taxi which makes the US group has a larger space in terms of the price war will likely attract many users turn to drops US group taxi ride。
US group taxi to join, is bound to thin out the taxi drops market share, and it has proved that it is the master of a price war with fierce price war in the takeaway market, it will inevitably set off a price war in the net about the car market。
For the drops, it is either cut prices or sit back and watch the loss of market share, from the moment it is about to announce a new round of financing of nearly one billion point of view it has to be ready。
Of course drops a taxi did not sit idly by US group reached its site, the site has launched a take-away service attack US group, the two Internet companies hundreds of billions of valuation ready to give two markets a bloody battle!。