but in accordance with PEI Daijun biological clock, she has eaten up a phone is turned on, they are laughing face,” how do you suddenly find my friends?”They only yesterday by telephone, usually every two-day call.

  Pei Naochun pretending to inadvertently glanced: “Sovereign yet?If I remember correctly, today is not the weekend yet?Tiansheng so busy, how he was not at home?”
  ”He is away on business, to?City to go, Tin Shing recently that want to be at the factory, the completion ceremony he got bit.”I and my father on the phone, she could not resist it,” Tiansheng now things too much, all the pressure on him, not three o’clock the five have a business trip, came back had to open what video conferencing, really easy to break it, then what is to socialize, dad无锡夜网, you know, he is busy.”
  ”There are so busy right?”He released a faint bait, to see her daughter’s reaction.
  ”Have.”Pei Dai Jun did not recognize his father’s implication, breaking a finger count,” You see, ah, said this month, the ninth day of it until now, One who is the regular, round the open than nine at night to get home; on the 2nd Three to have a forum, he invited a guest, but also speech; IV to VI For three days, went out inspections, after all, are now also many branches, do not look does not work; VII to VIII it finally came back, they may have to deal with the backlog of things, although the company has many people, can be a lot of things still have to be his decision-making job today Nine soon fly out, which in turn was the 12th came back, listen to him He said a mouth, this month we still have to open a B City University lecture it!”
  She worried: “He and I have s杭州龙凤网aid several times, this body is the revolutionary capital, no matter how developed, nor could stay broken body, even if I wanted to help him under the care of the body, and more stew soup will not Dianbu.”She can do is天津夜网 take care of the house, let him too kind.
  Daughter intention, presumably to share with his father and the recent troubl