es, which can be heard in Naochun Pei when seminar word, and my heart missed a beat at once, in the novel, is the prelude to this seminar – which is University of celebration, successful alumni are invited back to the school to share successful experiences, Shengjun Hao is one of them, he is very experienced, laughing after taking office, cited by the use of allusions, is the real deal entrepreneurs, 北京夜网transactions to talk about hard work, clearly and logically , there is no oversight, attracted students cheering, the novel through this period, to demonstrate the extraordinary style of the male, and lay groundwork for the later – Shengjun Hao and school teacher said he was willing to support the school’s care杭州桑拿er, If one of the reasons the school has outstanding students, may recommend to the company office, part time, internships, go through the green channel, which is why Jiang Xiaolian will be recommended to Tiansheng Group, has entered the Secretariat.

  Of course, Jiang Xiaolian this time, just a little bit of Shengjun Hao worship – worship this charming little emotion, just a little girl yearning for successful people, can after deliberate catalysis, this feeling, then changed the quality.
  ”father!”Pei Dai Jun shouted the name of my father, a little worried,” Are you uncomfortable?How God has been taking?”
  ”Nothing.”Pei Naochun back to God, jokingly said,” You just breath columns so many days, it does not interest me what reaction?You are not do not know, your dad my stupid reaction, but to.”
  ”What you stupid!”Pei Dai Jun relieve北京夜网d, ever since her mother that what she has been very concerned about the surrounding body of elders.
  ”Sovereign is not that, then what have you been busy with it?”He quipped,” complete care law, under the care you have to, to save you worry.”
  Pei Dai Jun laugh, there is a cute little pear vortex: “One look at you not care about me, still the same, see point friends, chat.”She never complained and parents, in fact, she is not in the soc