ial field began smoothly, Sheng is a sudden rise, the foundation had not stabilized, she was not any contact with any luxury, art, and even the head find topics can not be found, she died at home at the martial arts, I do not know a lot of rest to study the relevant material, even what galleries, museums have gone to several, though rote, but also to make it through, and will not be disgraced, this is only gradually entered the circle.

  And casually tell her father to see friends, can be more contained, including in social situations, occasionally tried to get some news, to make the relationship between good friends, tentatively asked Tiansheng strength, feeling the bottom also, there are many potential partners, eager to chat and her husband, the husband often are asked, she replied, her husband or her center, to get to know a company boss’s wife.
  ”Is that it?”Pei Naochun pretending relaxed, in fact backing of his novels, the daughter understand the profound meaning.
  ”It’s very fulfilling 北京风月网the.”Pei Daijun first laugh, and worry sighed,” Recently my mother eyes is not very good, I would also like to accompany her to the hospital too late!Check out cataract is a start, behind the doctor said, is what some retinal disease, blindness would be worried, I asked a friend, specifically looking for an expert, the consultation will come today.”
  Pei Naochun ranging daughter Having chipped in: “It does not come back ah Sovereign?”
  ”He is busy, Tiansheng up and down, so many people rely on him too!”
  Pei Naochun did not immediately answer the phone, just quietly watching her daughter: “Your father is not worried about a man tired of it?”He clearly see, hear these words Pei Dai Jun lengleleng, eyes some hesitation.
  ”Where I was tired, every day it’s easy, Dad you will be good, good to go out to play.”
  ”it is good.”
  ”Do not you 广州桑拿网say, and so I have to go out of it!”Pei Dai Jun looked almost time to hang up the phone, she had to go out with her mother almost every day, she arr