anged trips to the brim.

  Looking at the end of the picture, Pei Naochun immediately call gave Mike: “Hey, Mike, for.Ah, I’m going to go back two days, to accompany me take or pay travel costs, help you arrange.”
  He got to come home.

After (d) 61 Chapter daughter to marry Homer?(six)
  Tin Shing Group headquarters, located in the city’s new B CBD, the surrounding commercial prosperity, many large well-known companies in this office, they will also have to shop it around to follow up the high cost of land, although the huge flow of people, and in the office most of the big money is not bad employees, regarded as a high-quality customers, can be due to high rental costs, almost every year or so北京桑拿, or will some shops give way to the pressure, chose to leave.
  This is not just vigorous opened some time ago that what light coffee house, and do activities and a new product, not a half a year on the back, just posted guitar shop leasing a day or two, there is a new “taken advantage” of the door – taken advantage of this to say, do not bring any meaning mocking, the reason is very simple, this shop, has gone through a number of stores, almost no one can get through the year, even if it is specially refurbishment, cast a big price, and finally is hasty, empty, for a long time, and even employees within the CBD also know that this is a company that comes “lose money” in the buff store.
  ”Dai Jun, you do not see.”Pei Naochun before standing at the counter, holding a cell phone, excitedly patted the table, which is a light cof苏州桑拿fee before leaving, inside the deck decorate the other side did not take away, packaged give all gave him a price of twenty thousand “your dad my new shop.”
  ”I saw the.”Pei Dai Jun leaning forehead, helpless smile,” Dad, you really dry it up?”
  ”That is, your dad who I am, went ahead, resolutely!”
  Pei Dai Jun heart worries, no one on the face revealed: “OK, Dad, you certainly OK, but what are you going to sell food?”She thought of a child my father meals do